‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ Survival DLC: Gameplay Review Of Vendor Reset For 1.5 Update — Alpha Bridge Weapon Builds Likely The Strongest And Talent Requirements More Attainable

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.5 update’s vendor reset occurred this past Saturday, according to VG 24/7 and gamers may wonder if it’s worth it to purchase weapons and gear at this time. Skill Up mentioned in a video that the Alpha Bridge gear set is “one of the best, if not THE best” pieces of gear for the update.


Also the weapons talents that come with your current gear may have requirements that you have not been able to reach. With The Division’s 1.5 update these requirements will be more easily attainable, particularly electronics. So for those of you who covet their precious Alpha Bridge builds, this is where it would come in handy.

Performance mods will change by a small margin of the overall power. That said, a nicely rolled performance mod would currently carry over and be utilized nicely for the 1.5 update.

The following will focus on weapons and gear best suited for the Nov. 22 update, especially for the Alpha Bridge build.

Weapons/Mod Picks For The Division Vendors Weekly Reset

If you go to the main Base of Operations weapons vendor, there is a C79 scope that defaults to 15 percent critical hit damage, 5.5 percent head shot damage, and four percent optimal range. The purchasable basic sealed cache is currently 200,000 credits and will be increased to 400,000 come this Tuesday. Go ahead and leave this alone as it only yields the 229 scored items even if you open them after The Division 1.5 update.

The advanced weaponry vendor has a very nice Police T821 SMG. Talents that come with this one is definitely a satisfying combination. There’s Self-preserved, Responsive, and Brutal. It’s also great used in combination with an Alpha Bridge gear set.

There’s also the Military M870’s Brutal, Swift, and Deadly talents, the latter named for obvious reasons. It’s also being nerfed significantly come this patch and across the board with shot guns, mostly with the consoles. For those who enjoy the one-shot shotguns, this will be a good way to go.

The Military MK46 is also highly suggested for Alpha Bridge if you currently have a weapon by the same name, but lacking the desirable talent combinations. The bad news is that the electronics score requirement for Ferocious and Fierce isn’t easily attainable right now, but with The Division patch 1.5 update, the score will be met with the 256 gear sets when used in the second slot of an Alpha Bridge set-up.

With this in mind, it would be coupled up with another LMG in the main slot providing an optimized weapons and Alpha Bridge gear set build.

The terminal’s special equipment vendor (in the cage) has a desirable M60 LMG with Self-preserved, Prepared, and Meticulous which is a great combination. You may want to do away with Self-preserved for something better, but it may not be too relevant considering the aforementioned MK46 LMG Alpha Bridge build would work in combination with this M60 in The Division Survival DLC 1.5 update.

At the Wolves Den Safehouse is another highly recommended M249 B LMG weapon with Ferocious, Self-preserved, and Fierce. Also, there’s an extended magazine which has a nice 107 percent magazine size with a four percent critical hit damage along with a 2.5 percent critical hit chance. This would work in combination with the aforementioned M249 B which would make for a great match-up in the 1.5 update.

Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Camp Hudson and its starting point vendor has the First Wave M1A with Brutal, Intense, and Coolheaded. The latter talent is a rare find.

More Weapon And Performance Mods For The Division 1.5 Update

The Kerman Station Safehouse has a high velocity magazine yielding 7.5 percent critical hit chance and four percent critical hit damage. It also has a 4.5 percent increase in reload speed.

The Ward Safehouse has a performance mod of a 4.5 percent pulse duration and the Southpaw location has a mod for pulse critical hit chance of 1.5 percent.

The Cavern has its prototype performance mod with a sticky bomb explosion radius of five percent.

At the Meat Locker Safehouse comes a highly recommended Omega rifle suppressor. Skill Up sees this as the weekly vendor reset pick and could be considered by some a god roll without having to roll for it. It yields a 17 percent head shot damage, four percent critical hit damage, and three percent critical hit chance.

This is a complete damage inducing suppressor.

New Dark Zone Weapons And Mods

The East 34th Street Dark Zone vendor has a prototype firearms mod with a 191 score for firearms and a 248 armor bonus. The lack of firearm points may be discouraging, but if you’re desiring to bring your firearms score up to meet requirements, this could work for now until The Division Survival 1.5 update comes out.

Other Dark Zone vendors such as the East 34th Street check point comes a mod with a ballistic shield health attribute which would be appropriate to the 1.5 update for the Defense gear set for SMG usage.

The Division’s 5th Avenue Dark Zone check point has a desirable electronics mod with 255 armor and a 214 score on electronics. The West 34th Street check point has a support station mod with six percent support station range.


In the Dark Zone is the No. 4 safe house with a mod that has a nice electronics stat.

Lastly, The Division’s Dark Zone’s No. 3 vendor has a M60 with Predatory, Sustained, and Commanding. The first two are great for healing and running solo.

So with all that, will you be ready on Nov. 22 for Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC 1.5 update?

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