Domino’s Giving Away 500,000 Free Slices Tuesday For National Pizza Month

Domino’s is giving away half a million slices of pizza nationwide on Tuesday, marking the end of National Pizza Month.

The promotion, which is good across the country, is meant to be a marketing push for the pizza chain, Delish noted. Domino’s free pizza slices are meant to draw in business for what is seen as one of the biggest sales days of the year — Halloween.

The free Domino’s slices will be the chain’s newest creation, Handmade Pan Pizza. Delish noted that the menu item was three years in the making, and that Domino’s hopes it to be a big seller for families focusing on trick-or-treating rather than making dinner on October 31.

A press release from Domino’s notes that the company expects to sell one million pizzas on Halloween, a 40 percent increase over the typical Wednesday night.

“Domino’s spent three years perfecting this product and raising the bar for pan pizza, so we felt there was no better time for us to launch our biggest sampling event ever,” said Chris Brandon, Domino’s Pizza spokesperson. “Our goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the fantastic taste of our new Handmade Pan Pizza made with fresh, never-frozen dough. We hope everyone experiences love at first bite.”

The Domino’s free pizza slices are also an attempt to cut into competitor Pizza Hut’s market on the thicker, pan-style pizza, USA Today noted. As the report notes, “[the Pizza Hut pie] accounts for roughly 20 percent of the nation’s pizza sales.” Dominio’s denied trying to get a leg up on pizza hut, but industry experts compare the move to McDonald’s coming out with a version of the Whopper.

Anyone wanting a free try at the Handmade Pan Pizza needs to hurry — the Domino’s free pizza slices are available between noon and 2 pm local time on Tuesday.