WWE News: Huge Update On The Return Schedule Of The Undertaker — How Much Will He Be On WWE Television?

This year’s Survivor Series marks the 25th anniversary of the debut of one of the greatest personalities in all of wrestling history: The Undertaker. After all these years, he is still going strong and just recently made his return to WWE television on the 900th episode of SmackDown Live. His comments to the whole roster were quite interesting and made it seem as if he would be around a lot more, but just what kind of schedule is he looking at?

When The Undertaker’s familiar bell toll and music hit on Tuesday night, the fans were thrilled to see him enter the ring with the entire Team Blue for Survivor Series. As recapped by the official website of WWE, The Undertaker gave congratulations to Shane McMahon and then said something rather interesting.

The Undertaker said that he was indeed back in WWE and he was going to get back to work “taking souls and digging holes.” It was then that he revealed that “WrestleMania would no longer define” him and his career.

His saying that WrestleMania doesn’t define him any longer gives every fan the thought that he will be wrestling more often. It’s not exactly known just how much he is going to appear on WWE television, but it does seem like the Deadman’s music will be heard more than in just March or April.

As of now, he is not listed with the talent scheduled to appear at Survivor Series on Sunday night, but that is always subject to change. Looking at the WWE Live Event pages for the SmackDown Live the following week (Nov. 22) and the week after that (Nov. 29), he isn’t scheduled for those shows either.

wwe news the undertaker return schedule full time survivor series
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A wrestling fan did get on Twitter and ask about the schedule of The Undertaker after his big return and questioned if his being “back” meant that he would be full-time again. Well, that question was sent to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer and he was quick to respond.

That pretty much is what a lot of people expected, as The Undertaker really can’t do a full-time schedule in WWE. He never will be able to do so again and hasn’t been able to do that for a number of years. In 2015, The Undertaker wrestled at WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series, and other events.

So far this year, he has only wrestled at WrestleMania 32 when he defeated Shane McMahon inside the Hell in a Cell. After recently having hip surgery, The Undertaker’s words bring about the idea that he is going to be wrestling quite a bit more often and he may already have his next opponent in mind.

Once The Undertaker continued talking to Team SmackDown, he issued them a warning. He told them that they had better take out Team Raw at Survivor Series or else someone would have to feel his wrath.

Team Blue is made up of some of the most talented names in all of WWE — WWE World Champion AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, and Shane McMahon. The Undertaker let them know that if they lose on Sunday, there would be some hell to pay and it would come at his hands.

Now, who he will pick to pay up remains to be seen, but that also depends on the outcome of Survivor Series. The winners of the elimination-style tag team matches will say a lot for brand supremacy and may keep someone off of the bad side of The Undertaker.

wwe news the undertaker return schedule full time survivor series
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His schedule may not yet be known, but with WrestleMania 33 still four-and-a-half months away, the Deadman is going to be seen again sooner rather than later.

The Undertaker is at an age where he can’t really do a full-time WWE schedule ever again and his body simply won’t allow that. He has also accomplished enough and done more than enough for the company to earn the respect of being able do what he wants to do. Maybe he’ll be around more than part-time and wrestle more often than just at WrestleMania, but it won’t be an every week kind of thing. Still, seeing him in the ring is always a bonus and every appearance should be appreciated.

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