The Walking Dead Episode 303: ‘Walk With Me’ Sneak Peek

Late last night AMC released a short sneak peek of The Walking Dead Episode 303, “Walk With Me.” The short (way too short if you ask a crazed fan like me) is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

The newly released preview features new female-baddy Michonne (Danai Gurira) and reigning female-baddy Andrea (Laurie Holden). Let’s go over what has become of Andrea and Michonne up until the sneak peek of Episode 303 and discuss the appearance (and one notable reappearance) of several new and very important characters.

Viewers of the hit series’ second season will recall that in the finale Andrea gets separated from our core group. It looked like she had been taken down by a walker during a herd attack on Hershel’s farm. However, unbeknownst to Rick and the others, Andrea only appeared to be bitten and was forced to set off on foot into the woods after she realized her group had left her behind.

After bravely fighting off dozens of walkers with guns, a knife and her bare hands, she was just about to become walker-food when a mysterious figure came to her rescue. We now know Andrea’s savior was a hooded Michonne who deftly sliced off the head of Andrea’s attacker with her katana blade. The last seconds of the finale showed an unrevealed Michonne leading two jawless and armless walkers behind her, inexplicably secured in chains.

Readers of the comics already know the identities of Michonne’s “pets” but fans of both the comics and the TV series will enjoy AMC’s newly released sneak peek of TWD Episode 303, “Walk With Me,” which gives us a better look at Michonne’s walker companions.

In the season three premiere “Seed,” viewers were given a short glimpse of Andrea and Michonne. The third season is set several months after the second season ended and the women have forged a strong bond. Managing to survive through the winter, it appears that at some point between the second and third season Andrea has come down with a serious cold or flu. She is in desperate need of medicine and in the premiere we first see them scouring through a convenience store in search of a remedy. Fighting off any walkers that come in their path, they’re unable to locate medicine for Andrea. There was a telling moment in the premiere when Andrea told Michonne to leave her behind and save herself. Michonne refuses and we get a better understanding of how deep their friendship runs.

In next week’s episode, “Walk With Me” it looks like fans are getting the moment we have all been waiting for: the appearance of The Governor (David Morrissey), the leader of a group of survivors who have secured their own town, Woodbury. It is unclear as of now if the television show’s characterization of The Governor will mirror that of the comics. If so, Season Three is about to get a lot more brutal, but personally my guess is they’ll tone the character down and humanize him a bit to better appeal to a mainstream television audience.

The appearance of The Governor and Woodbury introduces several other new characters as well as the reappearance of a volatile figure not seen since Season One. Merle Dixon, played by veteran actor Michael Rooker, is the missing brother of fan-favorite Daryl (played by fellow veteran actor, Norman Reedus). Merle’s return to the cast could have a serious impact on his brother. When the Dixon brothers first appeared in Season One they shared a mutual hatred and disgust for minorities. Once Merle’s influence was taken away the younger Daryl began to see the world differently. By fighting alongside the African American character T-Dog (IronE Singleton) he has grown to trust and respect people from different racial backgrounds. But will this newfound acceptance be threatened when Merle comes back into the picture?

In addition to the reappearance of Merle, Showrunner and Executive Producer Glen Mazzara is excited about introducing the men that make up The Governor’s crew. Mazzara and I recently sat down for an interview in FEARnet and he shared: “There’s a new character, Milton, played by Dallas Roberts, who is one of The Governor’s right-hand men, and there’s some other characters with The Governor, but I’d like you to meet them first – I will say this: The Governor has a crew of men around him that I’m pretty excited about, they were great.”

As excitement builds for next week’s episode of The Walking Dead and the emergence of The Governor, AMC has released this short preview of episode 303, “Walk With Me,” which features a quick glimpse of Andrea and Michonne as they possibly make their way to discovering Woodbury:

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