‘Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 5: Glenn And Maggie’s Baby Referred To As A Mistake In ‘TWD’ [Spoilers]

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5, is titled “Go Getters” and will air on Sunday night on AMC. What can fans expect to happen? An advance preview reveals that it will focus on Maggie and Sasha at the Hilltop Colony. In the upcoming episode, someone will call Glenn and Maggie’s baby a “mistake.”

TWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading if you don’t want to find out what will happen on the zombie apocalypse TV show.

As fans recall from the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) went to the Hilltop Colony to get treated and make sure her baby was okay. Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) went with her. Since then, viewers have not seen the two women. That will change on Sunday’s episode, titled “Go Getters.”

According to Spoiler TV, fans will find out if Maggie Greene‘s baby survived the anguish and stress caused by Negan and his actions. However, not everyone at the Hilltop Colony is happy to see Maggie and Sasha. Alexandria promised to get rid of the Saviors and instead, things are about to get worse. Not only that, but someone calls Glenn and Maggie’s baby a “mistake” at Hilltop Colony and calls the pregnant woman by the wrong name. This has to be Gregory (Xander Berkeley) since he called Maggie by the wrong name when fans were first introduced to him last season.

As shown in the promo clip released by AMC, The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5, will also have the Hilltop Colony receiving a visit from Simon and the Saviors. Simon says that they need to have a talk and has a creepy smile. Sneak peek photos reveal Jesus (Tom Payne) having a serious and troubling look on his face.

Even though it seems like much of the focus is going to be on the Hilltop Colony, there will be other scenes as well. Back at Alexandria, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) climbs over the wall and tells Enid (Katelyn Nacon) that he isn’t saving her anymore. According to Spoiling Dead Fans, Carl and Enid will take a walk to the Hilltop Colony. Are they checking on Maggie, having something to say, or are they doing something else? According to a second sneak peek, Enid is determined to check on Maggie. In one scene, Carl runs over walkers with a car, so that should be interesting. Also, Carl and Enid will find something surprising.

'Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 5: Glenn And Maggie's Baby Referred To As A Mistake In 'TWD' [Spoilers]

Other spoilers for The Walking Dead include a few kissing scenes, somebody takes something from a grave, and one character has a plan to find Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Another one will decide that he needs to be killed. A popular theory is that will come from Carl. Last week on TWD, Carl seemed to be the only one standing up to the Saviors. Yes, it was a dumb move on his part, but at least he showed some guts.

Fans should also expect to learn more about Jesus and what he stands for.

'Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 5: Glenn And Maggie's Baby Referred To As A Mistake In 'TWD' [Spoilers]

As for what is coming up next, the synopses for Episodes 6, 7, and 8 were also released. Season 7, Episode 6, is titled “Swear.” One person will come across a new society and it is nothing like anyone has seen before. Could this be referencing The Whisperers?

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 7, is called “Sing Me A Song.” The synopsis teases that Alexandrians look for supplies. Also, expect to get a closer look at the Sanctuary, so perhaps Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) will be seen again.

'Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 5: Glenn And Maggie's Baby Referred To As A Mistake In 'TWD' [Spoilers]

As for Episode 8, it is titled “Hearts Still Beating,” and Negan will make another visit to Rick’s community. However, things quickly get out of control.

What do you think is going to happen with Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead? Keep watching AMC to find out.

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