Is The ‘GTA 6’ Beta Release Date Due In 2019 Or Canceled? Rockstar’s ‘RDR 2’ Could Indefinitely Delay Sequel

Don’t expect the GTA 6 beta release date to hit anytime soon, as Rockstar Games has made it clear that they are only focusing on one major title at a time. With Red Dead Redemption 2 coming next year with an online multiplayer mode much like Grand Theft Auto 5, it seems clear where their focus is currently.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Rockstar Games could be postponing their next Grand Theft Auto sequel indefinitely, as the last one is still getting regular updates and gamer traffic. This means more money for the publisher and developers as they now have their hands full with the upcoming Western open-world MMO.

Rockstar isn’t going to start going the same route as Ubisoft and Activision, releasing a new entry in their biggest franchise every year. The practice has led to both publishers taking a year off and re-releasing older games as they re-think the next one. It had become a common feeling that Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty were both recycling the same game year after year with only minor changes. Unlike with fighting games, fans of these genres aren’t so happy with doing the same thing over and over.

There are only so many times you can air assassinate a Templar or gun down a terrorist before you just want something different. Sadly, Ubisoft’s upcoming The Crew expansion Calling All Units appears to be simply trying so hard to compete with Need for Speed that it’s practically becoming MMO version of Hot Pursuit, essentially doing the same thing once again.

This could be the basis behind Rockstar Games possibly delaying the GTA 6 beta release date or canceling it entirely. They would rather offer something original and exciting every time to keep gamers coming back even three years after the game is released.

Nashville Chatter says that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been confirmed to be in the works, with a possible 2018 or 2019 release date, but anything beyond that remains the subject of rumors, and games have been canceled before.

The PC release of GTA 5 is only a year old, but the delay between console and PC is to be expected. Some PC titles released the same time as their console counterparts often suffer from glitches which take months to patch. Batman: Arkham Knight is a perfect example of this, a release so bad that Rocksteady had to offer refunds on all copies of the game and re-release it with the problems mostly resolved.

While unconfirmed, many rumors have been considered solid enough to report. One of them is that like previous titles, the GTA 6 beta and official release will take place in the entire United States, encompassing all of the locations previously used. This could also indicate cameos from previous protagonists as you build your criminal empire from coast to coast, border to border. Rockstar would certainly need to avoid making the missions too centered on police chases, though, since that sounds too much like the racing titles mentioned above.

Another rumor circulating heavily is the inclusion of voice acting from celebrity couple Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. This could be part of a spoof on the failed marriage between Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who likewise voice acted a couple in Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Any massive ambitions may be limited if Rockstar plans to continue releasing the game on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 though. With the upcoming 4K revolution, there will be a greater demand on better visuals, and you just can’t do that on older consoles. Of course, by 2019, those consoles might have stopped being supported entirely.

Will we see the GTA 6 beta by 2019? What do you think?

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]