Mariah Carey’s MAC Success Won’t Stop Her From Going After ‘Lying Opportunist’ James Packer’s Billions

Mariah Carey’s MAC cosmetic collection might be all anyone would want for Christmas, but it’s not enough for Carey herself. The “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer is determined to get her $50 million out of James Packer after their romance crashed and burned. Carey is super excited about the MAC release and the Belfast Telegraph reports that she’s been really focused on working with MAC on the collection.

“I’ve been waiting ages to show everyone my new collection for MAC.”

But she’s also keeping her attention on the split with James Packer.

Allure magazine caught up with Mariah about the MAC collection, and when she explained about the cartoon character in the compact, she might have been feeling a bit regretful for what might have been with Packer.

“It doesn’t look like a powerful cartoon. It’s pretty.”

It’s almost as if Carey wished she didn’t have to be powerful with Packer, but unfortunately, Mariah and James split up just keeps getting worse. After their fairy tale, “flashy whirlwind romance” that saw the two become nearly inseparable, the shock of their breakup was tough to take for fans. The split happened amid rumors of Mariah’s plans for a gorgeous island wedding, and everything looked rosy. Now, the former lovebirds are out for blood, and according to TMZ, neither side is willing to compromise in any way.


Just when it looked like Carey and Packer had finally reached an agreement over who gets what, negotiations “have broken down.” Even though they weren’t actually married, the split up is incredibly complicated and expensive, with Mariah demanding $50 million from James in compensation.

TMZ reports that “there are now threats of lawsuits,” and Mariah has let fly with some nasty accusations against James. Most recently, Carey called her former fiance a “lying opportunist,” and claimed he was “using her celebrity status to secure business deals.”


Mariah’s camp claim that the singer made a lot of sacrifices for James when she “uprooted her life from New York” to join him on the west coast at his home in Los Angeles.

“She really wanted this to work. And then, completely out of the blue, it imploded.”

She says the “emotional distress” that went with the move was so terrible that she had to cancel several concerts on her world tour. In fact, Mariah didn’t appear for the South American leg of the tour at all.

James doesn’t agree with Mariah’s take on the situation, and he thinks that Mariah used her deteriorating relationship with him as an excuse to get out of doing the concerts. Packer’s side claims that ticket sales for the South American concerts were so poor that Carey didn’t want to go ahead with them, and the cancellations had nothing to do with distress.

Only a couple of days ago, it looked like Mariah and James had finally ironed out a settlement that would give Mariah what she wanted, and let both of them move on. Now, Packer has “drawn the line” and decided not to give in to Carey’s demands.

“[H]e doesn’t owe her squat.”

As far as James is concerned, he and Mariah weren’t married, so there’s no reason and “no legal basis” that he should have to pay her anything. It’s not a divorce, just a breakup.


Mariah sees things differently. According the Daily Mail, a source said that Carey was “blindsided” when James dumped her, and she deserves some of the billionaire’s money to make up for that.

“The split has been devastating for Mariah. She loved James and was planning to marry him.”

The source went on to say that Mariah “made life changes” during their time together that “prove how fully committed she is to their life together.” Carey helped Packer out with his business too.

According to Hollywood Life, Mariah allowed him to use her fame to help “secure business” when Packer kept “dragging her to meetings so that her famous face can make him money” and “seal some lucrative deals.” Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” could change to “All I Want For Christmas is Your $50 Million” if Mariah doesn’t get her way soon!


Early in the negotiations, James seemed to recognize how Mariah helped him make money. The $50 million settlement might have been Packer’s way of accepting that Carey was “entitled to a cut” of his profits. Maybe now he thinks that Mariah wasn’t worth that much to his business. Whatever the reason, Packer has changed his mind.

“He let her keep the engagement ring, and she isn’t getting a cent more.”


With Packer drawing the line, and Carey “determined” to get a big financial settlement as well as keeping the enormous $10 million engagement ring, this fight could drag on for a long time, through a lot of mud. What do you think? Should Mariah get $50 million from James, or should she be content to stay focused on her gorgeous MAC cosmetic collection this Christmas?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for GLAAD]