WWE News: Scott Steiner Throws Major Shade At Bill Goldberg And ‘WWE 2K17’

The latest anti-WWE rant from Scott Steiner suggests that the former WCW, WWE and TNA standout doesn’t like two things. One, the fact that he isn’t included in the recently-released video game WWE 2K17. Two, the fact that Bill Goldberg is included in the game as a playable character

Since taking on the persona of “Big Poppa Pump” in WCW, Scott Steiner has been one of professional wrestling’s most controversial figures. Once a clean-cut All-American wrestler from Michigan University, Steiner reinvented himself midway through his long career, adopting a larger-than-life persona that would also reflect outside the ring. And while it was under this persona that he enjoyed his biggest success in the industry, he had also left both WWE and TNA on acrimonious terms, and hasn’t been shy about taking to social media to rant about both companies.

Now it looks like Steiner is once again in rant mode, launching into a series of tweets on Friday about his exclusion from WWE 2K17, as well as Bill Goldberg’s inclusion in the game. It also appears as if he’s less than thrilled about Goldberg’s WWE comeback, where he shall be facing Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on Sunday at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

WrestlingNews.co quoted Scott Steiner on these Twitter rants, which are characteristic of the wrestler’s previous social media comments on his former companies:

“Goldberg is featured on #WWE’s new video game and somehow I’m not in the game. A handful of guys beat Goldberg…and Brock wasn’t one of them..but I’m the only one not in the game. I would beat that bald headed bastard in the virtual world also. Goldberg knows this. Maybe Goldberg didn’t want me in the game (because) he couldn’t handle getting beat in (two) different worlds.”

Apart from the anti-Goldberg/WWE 2K17 remarks, Steiner also empathized with supermodel Kate Upton and her fiancee Justin Verlander, agreeing that the Detroit Tigers pitcher should have won the American League Cy Young award, while suggesting WWE similarly cheated him out of a video game appearance:

“Hey #KateUpton your man isn’t the only one getting F#¤%.”

This is far from the first time Scott Steiner has used social media to criticize the wrestling industry, particularly WWE and TNA. In 2012, he had posted incendiary tweets about then-TNA executives Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard and wrestler Hulk Hogan, comparing the company to the Titanic as it was “sinking fast.” A report from WhatCulture had documented these tweets shortly after they were posted.

Regarding his real-life feuds with WWE and its personalities, Steiner has mostly thrown shade at Hulk Hogan, who made several non-wrestling appearances for the company from 2014 to 2015. Last year, he tweeted that the wrestling legend was experiencing “karma,” per GiveMeSport. This came after WWE released Hogan for allegations of racist and homophobic remarks made on a leaked recording. And, as the Inquisitr reported last year, Steiner had also gotten himself banned from WrestleMania festivities after getting into an altercation with Hogan’s wife, Jennifer McDaniel.

A native of Bay City, Michigan, the 54-year-old Steiner first made his name in WCW with his brother Rick, as the Steiner Brothers emerged as one of the now-defunct company’s top tag teams of the 1990s. He switched to his far more recognizable “Big Poppa Pump” gimmick in the late-’90s, becoming a top singles star in WCW’s last few years, and made his first WWE appearance in eight years in 2002, joining the company a year and a half after WCW folded. He then joined TNA after an unremarkable two-year stint with WWE, and now competes occasionally on the independent scene.

As of this writing, neither WWE nor WWE 2K17 maker 2K Sports have commented on Scott Steiner’s latest Twitter rant.

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