Blac Chyna: King Cairo Hates Dream Kardashian Getting More Attention — How ‘KUWTK’ Star Is Handling The Drama

Blac Chyna has reportedly noticed how her 4-year-old son King Cairo has been throwing constant fits in the presence of other family members since the former stripper brought her newborn baby, Dream, back to the house.

Chyna, who resides in Calabasas with Rob Kardashian, only spent two days in the hospital after having given birth to Dream last week, Us Weekly confirms. And while sources say that Blac’s son was initially excited to meet his sibling, things have completely changed in recent days.

In fact, everyone who has spent time with Cairo lately has also noticed his mood changing, realizing that he’s no longer Blac Chyna’s main priority.

While the mother of two loves her son dearly, dealing with a newborn baby for the first couple of months can be very stressful and demanding. So, while King may want Blac Chyna to take him to a nearby park, Blac has reportedly found herself turning Cairo down, making it known that she’s caught up in raising Dream.

Hollywood Life further adds by saying that King is being affected by the arrival of Dream Kardashian in more ways than one. It’s difficult for Blac Chyna’s son, who had been her only child this entire time, and now he has to adjust to the fact that he can no longer demand his mother’s attention at all times.

“The excitement of meeting his new sister is already over and done with for King,” the source dished. “He’s used to be being the center of Chyna’s world, but since Dream has come home, he feels like he’s number two and he’s not happy.”

“He’s been hearing a lot of ‘not right now baby’ or ‘wait till your sister is asleep, King,’ and he’s thrown a few tantrums because he’s not getting all the attention he’s used to. It’s obvious he’s jealous that his mother and Rob are all googly eyed over Dream.”

While Blac Chyna checked into a nearby hospital in Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner was said to have stepped up to the plate and offered to babysit King Cairo for the TV star, who was more than happy to accept the 19-year-old’s generous gesture.

It’s unclear, however, how Blac plans to handle the current situation regarding King Cairo. She knows it’s a learning factor that her son will need to get used to, but from what the insider has gathered, it’s not going to be easy.

Blac Chyna, as expected, is exhausted and often finds herself relying on fiancé Rob Kardashian to take over the duties of raising Dream.

And if that wasn’t enough, Blac is also wanting to make a drastic lifestyle change as far as her health and fitness is concerned, hoping to drop the baby weight in no time. Right now, it almost seems as if King Cairo throwing tantrums in the heat of the moment isn’t doing Chyna any good.

She’s trying to adjust to a plan that’ll leave everyone happy, but that’s easier said than done. The socialite is sure that King will eventually come around and accept the fact that his sibling needs more attention right now because she’s still a baby.

News of Blac Chyna’s struggle with her son comes just one week after E! confirmed they will be airing the reality star’s baby birth in a televised special, which is expected to air on December 18th.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]