November 18, 2016
'RHOA' Star Sheree Whitfield Fined For Wild 'Chateau Sheree' Party

There were a lot of rumors about a wild party thrown by Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield at her home, the Chateau Sheree. The party was originally reported by the official website of Bravo, which called it an "epic housewarming party." It most definitely was epic because WSB-TV Atlanta reported that the RHOA star ended up in court because of the party.

The news site reports that Whitfield went to court on Friday in Sandy Springs to answer charges of throwing a party without a permit. While there is not really a law against having people over, it turns out that Sheree has spotlights, a camera crew, and dozens of people in attendance.

Neighbors complained about the RHOA event based on the noise and people parking on their lawns. The courts slapped Sheree Whitfield with a fine for the entire ordeal. Sheree pleaded no-contest to the charges, and the judge fined her $1,000 and put her on probation for 18 months because of the violations.

The police investigation into the case revealed that Sheree did not have any permits to shoot a TV show or have a large party. spoke to one of Whitfield's neighbors, David Good, who referred to the party as "an absolute invasion." He was one of the people who called the police.

The Real Housewives production company, True Entertainment, was also fined $1,000 for not providing permits, security, or parking for both the Sheree Whitfield party, as well as the Kenya Moore party that took place in June that also didn't have proper permits.

The party took place on Oct. 28, and one interesting piece of information to come out of the trial was that Sheree Whitfield did not have a "certificate of occupancy." Moore did not appear in court for her charges and was cited. She will be back in court on Dec. 2.

One of the biggest storylines this season on RHOA concerned whether Sheree Whitfield or Kenya Moore would finish their home first. Sheree Whitfield built her home from scratch, starting in 2012, while Moore purchased a home in 2015.

The RHOA season 9 premiere aired the episode of the Kenya Moore housewarming party. The Sheree Whitfield party will air later this season.

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All of Sheree Whitfield's work on Chateau Sheree has been notorious since it began. In the trial, her neighbor said that Whitfield was in no way a good neighbor, calling those assertions "absolute bunk." He claimed that there were many reported code violations, but this party was the final straw.

According to, the Channel 2 Action News reporter to break the story said that he received an email from Sandy Springs. Michael Petchenik said that they informed him Sheree Whitfield had received numerous citations on the property, and this was not her first appearance in court.

As for Sheree Whitfield, she wasn't happy with the results of the case. Other than claiming to be a good neighbor, she said that Sandy Springs Municipal Judge Candiss Howard "went overboard" in her ruling. The judge told Sheree that she needs to take extra steps not to interfere with the privacy of her neighbors.

Much of this season's RHOA storylines involves the rocky relationship between Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore. In the RHOA premiere, Moore said that she is shocked that Whitfield has so much negativity in her heart.

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