November 18, 2016
WWE Rumors: Bill Goldberg Suffers Injury Just Days Before 'Survivor Series' Match Against Brock Lesnar

The 2016 version of WWE Survivor Series takes place this Sunday, November 20 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the main event features Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg, who will be making his first appearance inside a wrestling ring in 12 years. This will be a rematch of Goldberg's last match inside a WWE ring when he defeated Lesnar at WrestleMania XX with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin serving as guest referee.

That match got hijacked by the crowd as the fans in attendance knew that the match was the last for both fighters as Goldberg was set to retire and Lesnar was headed to the UFC. Instead of appreciating two of the biggest fighters of the era, the fans spent the majority of the night booing and giving negative reactions.

With a need to boost some struggling ratings, the WWE decided to make Goldberg the pre-order bonus for the WWE 2K17 video game in May,which led to Bill participating in promotional tours to market the game. Goldberg and Lesnar then began insulting each other on social media and many thought that Bill would appear at WWE SummerSlam on August 21 to challenge Brock.

Bill Goldberg never ended up appearing at SummerSlam, but he was a guest on ESPN's SportsCenter on October 10, and when asked by host Jonathan Coachman who was one wrestler he would still like to face despite being 49 years old and Goldberg responded by saying Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar's handler, Paul Heyman, responded by issuing a challenge to Bill on Monday Night Raw to which Goldberg accepted on the October 17 edition of the show, his first appearance in a WWE ring since WrestleMania XX. The following week, the match for Survivor Series was scheduled and every Raw since then has featured some sort of promo for the fight.

This past Monday, Goldberg showed up to confront both Heyman and Lesnar after being teased and criticized for returning to the ring for his son. After the duo insulted his family, Bill came to Raw angry and ready for a fight which led to general manager Mick Foley sending security out to the middle of the ring to keep the two behemoths from beating the crap out of each other before Sunday's match at Survivor Series.Everything was fine until Heyman told Goldberg that his son would be calling Lesnar "daddy" following Survivor Series, which led to Bill destroying the security team and going face-to-face with Brock. Somehow, he refrained from laying his hands on Lesnar, instead, choosing to wait until Sunday in Toronto.

Despite not getting into a physical altercation with Brock Lesnar, Bill Goldberg didn't come away from Monday night unscathed. According to an interview Goldberg did with NBC Sports, Bill tweaked his shoulder during the promo and will go into his match with Lesnar at less than 100 percent.

"My body feels horrible. I tweaked my shoulder last night [on Raw], but that doesn't mean in five days that I'm not going to come out kicking a** and taking names like I always do."

This was the criticism of bringing Goldberg back all along. At 49 years old, how can he be in good enough physical shape in order to put on a good match with Lesnar at Survivor Series? If he's already tweaked his shoulder from throwing around a couple of fake security guards, then how is he going to handle the German suplexes that are undoubtedly coming his way on Sunday?

We're all going to find out the answers to those questions this Sunday as the two wrestling legends square off in Toronto, ON. Will Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar be able to give us an entertaining match? Or will it end up being a huge mistake for WWE? Will Goldberg be able to overcome his injury? Or will Lesnar finish Bill Goldberg's career for good in front of his family?

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