‘The Walking Dead’ Movie: Showrunner Scott M. Gimple Thinks It’ll Happen, But Would It Translate Well?

The Walking Dead airs on AMC every Sunday and delivers the drama right to your living room. Some people might mistake it for a movie given that the acting is convincing and the flare for the dramatic is so accurate. Complex reported that showrunner Scott M. Gimple thinks a movie will eventually happen.

“That question comes up every now and again,” Gimple said. “I’m sure one way or another, one day, it’ll happen. I think it would be cool.”

Gimple went on to a joking tirade on selecting the biggest stars for a major motion picture such as William Shatner, Edward James Olmos, and Matthew Fox.

“William Shatner as Rick. We’ll get Edward James Olmos as Daryl. Hit all the big shows! Matthew Fox as the Governor!”

Last year, Andrew Lincoln weighed in on the idea of a Walking Dead movie, and he found the prospect rather exciting. He mentioned the prospect of seeing snow on the big screen because the series has so far skipped that season on the AMC Network. Would a movie about The Walking Dead fill in the seasonal gaps?

Lincoln mentioned the brutal heat in Georgia and thought it would be indeed refreshing to explore delving into the cooler elements.

“That would be amazing. It’s something we’ve been talking about and dreamt of because it would be cool to see some snow. We were all going, just not to have to film in Atlanta where it gets to 100 degrees.”

The Walking Dead’s lead actor mentioned how certain characters who are no longer on the show could be revisited. He explained that the motion picture format would make the things “interesting and ambitious.”

“What would be amazing is that you can play with form, time and chronology and maybe also rediscover characters who are no longer in the show.”

In 2012, Bloody Disgusting writer Brad Miska claimed to have friends on the Walking Dead crew and had mentioned some rumblings regarding a feature film. Back then, it was nothing to get excited about because the show was only in its third season. Fans were probably keen on the idea as many were already hooked on the AMC Network TV series.

The only issue here was trying to make a transition from the small screen to the big screen. Andrew Lincoln gave his take on how this transition would occur and what it could afford the characters. That said, this might give fans an idea of where they would go with this if they did the transition.

In April of last year, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman inked a deal with Universal and “has signed a two-year first-look film deal,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. Although this may create a buzz for the Walking Dead movie, it was reported that there’s no such talks of anything of that nature.

In an interview with showrunner Glenn Mazzara via TV Line during Season 3, he talked about the prison location and their rivalry with the Governor and Woodbury. Mazzara had imagined that there was a movie that took place in that prison at the time of the outbreak. That sounded like a prequel idea, but Fear the Walking Dead had already demonstrated that with Patient Zero, but this time with an entire city.

If it happens, how do you think the Walking Dead movie will translate on the big screen? What kind of characters would you like to see revisited? If you think there were any loose ends in the series, how would you like the feature film to cover it?

For now, The Walking Dead Season 7 continues on the small screen every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.

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