WWE News: Randy Orton Rumored To Be Taking Significant Time Off After 'WWE Survivor Series'

WWE Superstar Randy Orton may be competing for WWE SmackDown Live this Sunday at WWE Survivor Series, but he may not appear on SmackDown Live for quite some time afterward. It was rumored weeks ago that Randy would be taking time away from WWE. In fact, fans learned that he was set to officially take some time away this week. That meant that he wouldn't appear at Survivor Series.

Interestingly, he did not take time away, but he's only holding off for a bit. According to the Wrestling Observer, Randy Orton will take some time off from WWE following Sunday's Survivor Series event. Since he and his wife were having their first child together, Orton decided to step away for a little while. Both have children from previous relationships, but this would be their first one together.

The reason he wanted to leave before the event was because his wife could have their child very soon, possibly this week. Since he was planning to leave just a few days before Survivor Series, it made sense to work a few more dates before going back home to be with his wife. It is uncertain how long he will take off, but reports claim it will be for a good length of time. Meanwhile, other reports claim he will only be taking a week or two off.

Randy Orton
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We very well may not see Randy Orton until sometime near The Royal Rumble. WWE very well could run an injury angle of some kind at Survivor Series or possibly on WWE SmackDown Live next Tuesday if they can keep him around long enough. Since WWE plans to have NXT Takeover, Survivor Series, WWE RAW, and WWE SmackDown Live in the same area, they could always film a backstage angle at any point so that he didn't have to work on Tuesday.

Of course, if he is only set to miss a week or two, then they would simply just not have him work any blue brand shows and go from there without having to do an angle of any kind to write him out. WWE has been known to leave people off television without giving an explanation of where they are. As of now, they have yet to tell us where John Cena is. While we know he is out filming a TV show, we have yet to be given a storyline reason for his time away.

We see this happen off and on with people. When it came to someone like Summer Rae, we never heard a thing about her until she came out to say something following reports about her being hurt. WWE has a bad habit of leaving fans in the dark sometimes. This is by no means a good way to go about things. What is so funny is that WWE has been good about writing people out over the years, especially if they have to leave for a significant amount of time. At times, they cannot due to real-life injuries, but they can always do fake ones to help another WWE Superstar out.

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This was a common thing for some time, but it seems lately they have a bad habit of not doing this. Of course, one would expect for them to write Randy Orton out in some way if they do plan to not have him on television. We do not know, however, if it'll be a long time or just a short time due to conflicting reports. The way we would know would be due to how his character is written out.

Basically, we're pretty much waiting to see if WWE writes him out or they do not. If they do, we're pretty certain they are doing this because he is taking a long time off. If they do not, one would expect to see him show up just a week or two after WWE Survivor Series. Either way, it does make sense that he would want time away to spend with his family and children. Obviously, WWE talked him into working longer than he originally planned, but at least he's working possibly the PPV that made him into a star originally.

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