'Blindspot' Season 2 Episode 10 Return Date, Spoilers: Is Patterson Dead Or Alive?

Anshu Shrivastava

Blindspot Season 2 has gone on a hiatus after an explosive midseason finale. Episode 9, titled "Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform," put every major character's life in danger, and the episode's closing moments saw Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and Borden (Ukweli Roach) pointing their guns at one another. And a gunshot was heard before the credits started to roll, making fans anxious about Patterson's fate. Will she be shown alive or dead in Blindspot Season 2 Episode 10?

What would the #Blindspot team do without Patterson? pic.twitter.com/xBCxLA1jip

— Blindspot (@NBCBlindspot) November 13, 2016

As speculated by everyone, Borden turned out to be the mole planted by Sandstorm inside the FBI. When Patterson found out his secret and tried to stop him, Borden pulled his gun on her.

Speaking of Patterson's fate, Martin Gero, the creator of the series, told Yahoo TV that Patterson is going to be okay when Blindspot Season 2 returns in January on NBC.

"She's going to be okay! We needed some fodder for her to really react against. Patterson's sometimes at her best when she's at her worst, so there's some great stuff ahead for her."

Both Patterson and Borden may have survived, as Gero refused to confirm that one of them is dead, saying that it is safe to say that one of them has been shot. He also told Entertainment Weekly (EW) that the new episode picks up where Blindspot Season 2 midseason finale left off -- the gunshot.

"Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform" did not give Patterson the time to process the revelation that Borden is the mole. Speaking of how she will deal with the revelation, Gero said that she is a character that likes to avoid things rather than properly deal with them. Borden's mole status will "really shake her," and she will be shown struggling with it in the upcoming episodes.

Moreover, in the next installment of Season 2, Patterson is "mono-fixated" on bringing Boden down. Gero told TV Guide that Patterson is all about taking revenge in the new episodes.

"Patterson is mono-fixated on bringing this guy down, as she never had been. The back half of the season for Patterson becomes a revenge story. Or trying to get revenge."

Meanwhile, Episode 9 of Blindspot Season 2 also saw Jane (Jaimie Alexander) injecting her brother, Roman (Luke Mitchell), with memory loss drug, ZIP, wiping out his memory. Gero told EW that Roman has a bigger role to play in the second installment, as his sister tries to bring him into the fold. It is to be seen whether a known terrorist like Roman will be greeted and accepted just like Jane or if his experience will be different to hers. Garo said that it will be interesting to see how Roman's character shapes up post his memory loss -- whether he continues to be a sociopath or becomes exactly like Jane.

Roman isn't Roman anymore. #Blindspot pic.twitter.com/ga2i4OgL0s

— Blindspot (@NBCBlindspot) November 17, 2016

Roman will have flashbacks to his past life just like Jane. Garo called his flashes "invaluable resources," adding that the next couple of episodes will explore whether or not to tell Roman the truth about what happened. In addition to that, Garo confirmed that viewers will find out more about his background.

Take a month to process this explosive episode. We'll be back with more #Blindspot on January 4. pic.twitter.com/xjb8H14Ul8

— Blindspot (@NBCBlindspot) November 17, 2016

The upcoming 13 episodes of Blindspot Season 2 are set to answer a lot of the mythology questions, Gero said to TV Guide. He also said that the second half of Season 2 is "more explosive" and "more fun," adding that there are more cards to turn. Gero also teased a twist ending to the season.

"[Second half of Blindspot Season 2 will have] a lot of the question you've asked -- like, why the tattoos, what's Shepherd's endgame -- a lot of the big mythology questions are going to be answered in these next 13 episodes. And we have a twist ending that I hope... well, I don't want to give a lot away."

Blindspot Season 2 returns with Episode 11 on January 4.

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