November 18, 2016
Betty White Puts Together Bucket List As 95th Birthday Approaches

Betty White recently put together a bucket list as her 95th birthday quickly approaches. The Golden Girls actress is still going strong well into her 90s, and she left retirement off of her list of lifetime accomplishments. In fact, according to Radar Online, Betty White is actually looking for a full-time "regular gig" since Hot in Cleveland was canceled last year.

Radar Online got exclusive access to Betty White's bucket list through an interview with an unidentified friend of the 94-year-old To Tell the Truth panelist -- a game show gig that White has had on and off since her first appearance in 1961. According to Betty White, To Tell the Truth doesn't keep her nearly as busy as she'd like, because it only "takes a few days to tape." Since White has no desire to ever retire from entertainment, her agents are looking to find her a "regular gig."

In the meantime, as Betty White continues into her second consecutive season on ABC's long-running TV panel game show To Tell the Truth, she is wanting to fill any downtime with items from her recent bucket list. White's friend noted in the exclusive interview that the "beloved actress" and animal rights activist would love to go on a safari in Africa, do a one-woman Broadway show, briskly walk the Los Angeles Half Marathon, continue her work with the Los Angeles Zoo, needlepoint, and do crossword puzzles.

Just last year, when Betty White turned 94 on January 17, Movie News Guide reported that Gammy Annie from The Proposal had no plans to retire anytime soon, saying that even at age 94, White still rocks "each and every role," proving that age is just a number. Betty White, who was awarded the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records title of the "Longest TV Career for an Entertainer" for more than 70 years in show business, continues to say that acting remains her one "true love."

In fact, Betty White's friend told Radar Online that acting actually fuels White's "other passions," including her humanitarian work with animal rights and welfare that began in the 1970s while she was producing and hosting The Pet Set, a one-season TV series that discussed "pet care, ecology, and wildlife preservation" and also "spotlighted celebrities and their pets," according to IMDb.

"Betty can still drive herself around, and she feels fit. She knows some producers might think she's not up for a weekly grind on TV, but she believes she can still outwork actors 50 years younger than her. It's the work that fuels her. It would just be sad if she didn't get another chance to shine."

Since Betty White has no children, her friend goes on to say that acting is "what she's really poured herself into," beginning with her first regular TV gig in the 1950s as sole host of the variety show Hollywood on Television for four years, after co-host Al Jarvis left in 1952. That role earned Betty White her first Emmy Award nomination as "Best Actress" on TV. Mental Floss reports that Hollywood on Television ultimately led White to develop her own TV comedy series in 1953, titled Life with Elizabeth, a low-budget spin-off sitcom using existing characters from Hollywood on Television that ran for less than two years.

Mental Floss also shared some other interesting details about Betty White that fans may not have already known, including that her real name is Betty, not Elizabeth, her first TV appearance in 1939 is "lost to history," Rose actually auditioned for the role of Blanche on The Golden Girls, and "hands down" she would become a zookeeper if she "weren't an actor."

Insisting that she "won't be put out to pasture," Betty White is due to return to Fox's crime drama TV series Bones, reprising her role as the "accomplished, sharp as a tack, and absolutely fabulous" Dr. Beth Mayer for one episode of the long-running series' final Season 12, as reported by Deadline last month.

Betty White hasn't disclosed how she plans to spend her upcoming 95th birthday, -- possibly working on her bucket list -- but Us Weekly shared last year that the "Golden Girls alum wants to celebrate at least one birthday with Robert Redford, although the 80-year-old actor "doesn't know that yet."

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