November 18, 2016
'How To Get Away With Murder' Spoilers: Dead Body Under The Sheet Revealed! Actor Reacts To His Character's Unexpected Demise

How To Get Away With Murder spoilers could not have predicted the big revelation incorporated in the show's midseason finale titled "Who's Dead," proving once again there is no predicting HTGAWM twists.

Episode 1 of the show's third season began with the usual smell of death and flashbacks to what occurred prior to a significant event that is practically the main focus of the season.

As with the past two seasons of How To Get Away With Murder, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) may have covered up another death that occurred under her roof which had been obscured for the entire Season 3.

While we have been informed of each victim's identity in previous HTGAWM seasons, Season 3 was quite different whereas the dead body had been hidden under a white sheet during for the past eight episodes.

Because of that, How To Get Away With Murder spoilers have revolved around speculations on which character is under the sheet.

Since day one, one character after the other have been revealed to be safe during the course of the fire that brought down the Keating family home where Annalise, Bonnie (Lisa Weil), Frank (Charlie Weber), and the Keating Five have worked in the past episodes.

Be warned, the following paragraphs contain discusses the recently aired winter finale of the show. If you have yet to watch the episode, this is your chance to look away.

After learning which characters are not in the house during the fire, How To Get Away With Murder spoilers have narrowed down possible victims to three major characters: Nate, Connor, and Frank.

In Episode 8, the audience is then treated to an explosive scene between Lisa Weil, Viola Davis, and Charlie Weber where we see Frank pointing a gun to his head in an attempt to make amends for causing the death of Annalise's unborn son.

How To Get Away With Murder spoilers used information in that episode to narrow down the victims list further, thinking that Frank pulled the trigger.

But as the big reveal finally arrived on Thursday, November 17, fans of ABC's hit drama series were in shock to find that the body under the sheet was actually Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) who was revealed to be the rat who sold information to the police to bring Annalise down.

It appears as though we have misread the clues laid out during the previous episodes including Laurel's message to Meggy and the screwed up timeline that have made How To Get Away With Murder popular.

Apparently, How To Get Away With Murder spoilers were tricked into believing that Wes was safely under the police's protective custody at the time of the Keating home fire.

But lo and behold, the midseason finale showcases a massive explosion that occurs just as Laurel and Nate enter Annalise's home and then Wes's half burned face is revealed.

Speaking to Variety, Enoch admitted that he already had a hunch that Wes will be killed off in Season 3.

"Pete [Nowalk] told me around the seventh episode, so about a month and a half ago. I got a call from his assistant being like, 'Hey can you come and talk to Pete?' And I was like, 'This is it.'"
According to the actor, all of the cast members had been in a "state of uncertainty and nervous excitement" to learn who the dead character would be.

When Variety asked what his reaction to the news was, he explained why he had the hunch.

"In the couple of days leading up to it, I thought it could be Wes. Wes would be a good person to kill because it would be surprising, but also opens up the stories in many ways and affects so many characters."
But the big reveal still came as a surprise to him because Aja Naomi King who plays Michaela Pratt "steered [him] away" from the thought by giving him reasons why Wes is not the body under the sheet.

While Wes may already be dead midseason, How To Get Away With Murder fans would still be able to see him during flashbacks as confirmed by Pete Nowalk to Variety.

With that in mind, How To Get Away With Murder spoilers reveal that the later part of Season 3 will be all about who killed Wes as the winter finale shows Nate telling Annalise that her puppy-eyed student had already been dead prior to the fire.

Meanwhile, here are some fan reactions about the winter finale revelation:

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