‘The Game Awards 2016’: ‘Overwatch’ Heads The List Of Nominees

As the year comes to an end, fans can expect the award season to begin to heat up, and one of the first awards shows one can expect to see is The Game Awards 2016. The Game Awards show has evolved over the years, and has gone from a simple affair, into the premier place where companies can show off what is to come in the next year for video games, while also rewarding excellence in the industry.

This year’s nominees are in and the list is packed full of diversive games from multiple genres. Here are the nominees for The Game Awards 2016: Game of the Year.


Doom was originally released in 1993. It was one of the first games to utilize the first-person shooter perspective. According to Metacritic, USA Today called Doom…the most gripping computer game to date.” The game followed a space marine exploring level after level, facing off with demons from Hell. More than an estimated 15 million people enjoyed the first Doom.

Bethesda and ID Software has ratcheted that concept up with Doom for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in this year’s version. While IGN loved the campaign mode of Doom, they felt it lacked in multiplayer mode. This garnered the game a 7.1 out of 10.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A Thief’s End is the only game on this year’s list that is an exclusive, as it is only available on the PS4. The story follows the continuing adventures of an Indiana Jones-type of adventuring thief and con man, Nathan Drake. The Uncharted series has been a staple for Sony’s Naughty Dog Studios over two generations of consoles.

[Image by Naughty Dog Studios]
[Image by Naughty Dog Studios]

IGN gave Uncharted 4 an astounding 9 out of 10, and they called it “a remarkable achievement in blockbuster storytelling and graphical beauty.” It is not known at this time if this is the last we will see of Nathan Drake, but it has been hinted at. Regardless, the Uncharted series has had an amazing run.


Overwatch has been a phenomenon unto itself. Blizzard has put out one hit after another, and Overwatch is no different. The makers of World of Warcraft decided to take their talents to the first-person competitive shooter genre, and they have enjoyed critical acclaim. It helps that there has been a steady stream of new content that has kept the game front-and-center throughout the year.

[Image by Blizzard]
[Image by Blizzard]

IGN lavished praise on Overwatch. Ultimately, they gave it a 9.4 out of 10.

“Slick, gorgeous, and flush with tactical depth, Overwatch is the new gold standard for multiplayer shooters.”

Titanfall 2

Electronic Arts heard fans’ voices and added a single-player campaign to Titanfall 2. In turn, the game is on the cusp of winning Game of the Year. IGN was receptive of the added features and felt that it evolved “on every part of the original concept so consistently for the better.” They gave it a 9.4 out 0f 10.


Inside is the last and possibly the most surprising entry for The Game Awards 2016: Game of the Year. Inside is the follow up to Limbo, and according to IGN is greater than its predecessor. Despite Inside being the smallest budgeted game of the nominated for Game of the Year, it is the only game on the list that IGN gave the coveted perfect score of 10.0.

“Even though it is mechanically a 2D puzzle-platformer, Inside is quite simply one of the most beautiful and subtly detailed games I’ve ever played. Every frame appears to have been meticulously crafted and polished several times over, from dust particles hovering in smoky air to raindrops splashing down in a bog to golden sunlight beaming onto your unnamed, red-shirted boy avatar through a window.”

Taking place on December 1 from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, fans can tune into The Game Awards 2016 online via Twitch, Xbox and Playstation Live Viewers, and other online sources. Overwatch, along with the full list of nominees can be found on the website. Other categories include Mobile Game of the Year and Best Studio/Game Direction.

[Feature Image by The Game Awards 2016]