‘Star Wars 8’ Cast News: Solid Rumors And Character Details About Cast Members Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro, And Kelly Marie Tran

Star Wars 8 news brought to you by Making Star Wars has followed the filming of the Lucasfilm directed by Rian Johnson. Recently, some solid, reliable reports regarding cast members Laura Dern, Benicio Del Toro, and Kelly Marie Tran have surfaced. The details are quite minimal, but they do give some insight into their characters.

Benicio Del Toro: Good Guy Or Bad Guy?

In April, a rumored leak from the upcoming film involved Del Toro’s character. The report described the cast member as a “dark force user,” according to YouTuber The Scoundrel’s Cantina, and there were two descriptions in place. Keep in mind that Star Wars 8 writers could have changed the character by now, but you never know how close this will come to the mark.

The first Star Wars 8 leak takes the audience back to Kylo Ren as he was rather hard on himself after his defeat at Star Killer Base. Supreme Leader Snoke calls him back to finish his training, and this is where Benicio’s character comes into play. After Kylo concluded his training with Snoke, he is introduced to Del Toro’s rumored character, Thrawn. Snoke is then introduced as Palpatine, and it was theorized that he survived the Death Star explosion in Return of the Jedi via a force field projection.

Of course, there had been numerous Supreme Leader Snoke rumors going around the internet, although the second leak seems closer to the Making Star Wars report.

It was rumored that Thrawn is a “respected republican in the new Republic, but is actually a Sith.” This means he’s good at manipulative tactics, and it was also suggested that Del Toro’s character may not even be a Sith. It was mentioned that the Dark Side might not use the word “Sith” at this point in time. Therein lies a contradiction with the respective statements in the second leak.

An update later surfaced that followed up on the situation regarding Benicio’s character.

First of all, he is described as a “classic ‘man in black'” and is dressed in dark clothing. He’s also considered a threat. The rumored Star Wars 8 character is clean shaven with hair about as long as Poe Dameron’s. The clincher here is that the report acknowledges the confusion regarding this man’s good guy/bad guy alignment.

“While The Wrap let us know he was up for the role of the bad guy in the film sometime ago, it doesn’t appear the heroes see Del Toro as a bad guy, at least not at first.”

Benicio’s character is also thought to be connected to a casino, but further details are still being researched.

Hair Color Defines Laura Dern’s Character At This Point

Back in March, Latino Review described an antagonistic exchange between Dern’s character and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. The rumor described what appeared to be Dameron and his group of rebels commandeering Dern’s character’s ship at gunpoint.

She was recently reported as someone who could have high authority with a fashionable style that’s reminiscent of the Star Wars prequels. Her defining attribute is her pink hair and that her style looks like something someone would wear to the Outlander Club found in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

Kelly Marie Tran Shares Story With Finn

The next Star Wars 8 rumor speaks of Tran’s role, and she has quite the opposite look from the aristocratically stylish Dern. She is said to appear more down-to-earth and will share a story with Finn. Supposedly, her character is involved in an awesome situation.

Star Wars 8 is set for release on December 15, 2017. How close do you think the cast members are to their rumored roles?

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