Lala Kent On Married Man: Jax Taylor Could Be Behind The Shocking Rumor?

Lala Kent decided to return to a brand new season of Vanderpump Rules even though she wasn’t exactly one of the popular girls last season. Kent had become close friends with James Kennedy, but their outrageous behavior on the show didn’t sit well with viewers and the primary cast members. Based on the first couple of episodes, it sounds like things haven’t changed at all between Lala and the Vanderpump Rules cast members this season. And next week, Katie Maloney will confront Lala about a rumor that she’s dating a married man, who supposedly bought her a Range Rover.

According to a new tweet, Lala Kent has denied that she’s dating a married man and that he supposedly gave her a Range Rover. Her Vanderpump Rules co-stars may be curious to know where she got her car from, but on the premiere episode, she revealed that she had booked a role in a film and maybe she had some savings that allowed her to buy her own car. But yesterday, Lala Kent revealed that Jax Taylor may have been behind the rumor that has resulted in various labels from viewers and her co-stars.

“Learned Jax ‘confirmed’ I’m hooking up w a married man. Jax knows 0 about me let alone who I’m dating. This couldn’t be farther from fact,” Lala Kent tweeted last night after learning that Jax Taylor had been behind the rumor that she will face on next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

But if Lala Kent didn’t get the Range Rover from her boyfriend, who is supposedly a married man, where did she get the car from? Viewers are curious about where the car came from, and one person even asked her straight up about the car.

“How’d u get the Range Rover? The boobs? Let’s keep it real honey. Just be honest,” one person questioned Lala, to which Kent replied, “ask your dad.”

And the person didn’t appreciate the answer, writing back, “exactly what I thought. Smh #trash.”


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Of course, Kent has been linked to being a woman who hangs out with rich men for money, although Kent has denied being a prostitute. But once Lala revealed that Taylor was possibly behind the rumor that she got the car from her married boyfriend, viewers started changing their opinions about her.

“No one believes anything that Jax ‘confirms’. He can’t even ‘confirm’ if his gf got her muffin buttered by Kristen, sooooo,” one person wrote clearly in defense of Lala Kent, while another person added, “Jax is a renowned liar. Don’t worry about him. Get your acting career going girl, focus on other s**t.”

Lala happily told Lisa Vanderpump about the role she managed to score in the Nicholas Cage movie and it is possible that some of her Vanderpump Rules cast members are just jealous of her acting career. It’s no secret that some of her co-stars wanted to work in the entertainment industry, but they may have settled in their roles as reality stars.

What do you think of Lala Kent’s tweet about Jax being behind the rumor? Do you think this changes the rumor completely, as Jax has a horrible reputation when it comes to spreading stories that are not true?

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