Bethenny Frankel Exploring Adoption Of Little Abandoned Girl From Connecticut

Bethenny Frankel is currently loving every minute she has with her daughter, Bryn, and she’s often tweeting about how she’s looking forward to some quality time with her daughter as she returns home from spending time with her biological father, Jason Hoppy. On The Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny has revealed that when Bryn is with her father, she’s working extra hard on Skinnygirl products and when her daughter is with her, they can completely unwind and relax. But it sounds like Frankel may want to help out where she can and she recently revealed that she wanted to adopt a little, abandoned girl.

According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel learned of a story from Connecticut yesterday, where a little girl had been abandoned by her father after he supposedly killed her mother. Frankel was devastated by the news and she wanted to help the little girl. She even contacted her lawyer to see what could be done, but since the child was now with the state, there was nothing she could do.

“How do I adopt this child?” Bethenny Frankel questioned her Twitter followers on the social network, linking to the PEOPLE article that explained the entire case, adding later, “Lawyer says once w the state a private adoption impossible which is now upsetting me more. That is bullsh**.”

It sounds like Bethenny Frankel won’t be able to adopt this little girl because of the way the system works. But her Twitter fans were not so quick to give up and several people came with suggestions, as Frankel could possibly work as a foster mother.


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“Can’t you apply as a foster? I know it’s not an instant process, but I think that’s how you can get on w State,” one person suggested to Frankel, who added, “They say no to foster or adoption which is so sad.”

According to PEOPLE magazine, the little five-year-old girl was found abandoned at a New York bus terminal. The Connecticut police are guessing that the father to the girl abandoned her there after killing the child’s mother. They are currently looking for him. The police found the girl on the second-floor concourse of the Port Authority Bus Terminal Monday morning and they took her to the police station, where they learned of the father’s role in the case.

They have released the father’s name and they are looking for 32-year-old Elmer Gomez Ruono who Stamford, Connecticut, police say is seen on surveillance video leaving the bus terminal at 8:30 a.m. The girl was found 90 minutes later, giving him quite the head start.

But Bethenny Frankel is more concerned about the little girl, who is now without a mother and a father. The report doesn’t go into detail about where the mother was found or how she passed away, but the little girl is currently alone in the system. And this is devastating to Bethenny, who has tried everything possible to get custody of this little girl. She later wrote a tweet, saying that children are often lost in the system because people just want babies – not children.

“There’s a misconception that everyone wants an infant. Bc of this rule, babies r the only option. Once in system kids r lost. Sad,” Bethenny Frankel wrote in a separate tweet.

What do you think of Bethenny Frankel’s admirable decision to pursue custody of this little girl? What do you think of the state’s rules about not being able to adopt a little girl or boy once they are in the system? Do you think it would be better for someone like Bethenny, who has the funds and love to care for the child, to take over the primary care of such a child?

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