Cat Fight! Gigi Hadid, Perrie Edwards Feud Over Song Lyrics

Gigi Hadid and Perrie Edwards share something in common: Zayn Malik. So, it didn’t take them long to fire back at each other when it comes to their involvement with the former 1D singer.

In an exclusive interview with, Perrie Edwards said that the original version of Little Mix’s new single “Shout Out To My Ex” included the lyric “heard he been f***ing model chick, yeah that s*** hurt I’ll admit, but f*** that boy I’m over it.” Edwards’ ex-fiance, Zayn Malik, has since moved on with model Gigi Hadid. Some fans would take the lyrics as Edwards’ way of sticking it to Hadid.

Perrie admitted that the lyric was changed to “heard he in love with some other chick. Yeah, yeah, that hurt me, I’ll admit, Forget that boy, I’m over it.”

The reason for the lyric change is because Little Mix “still have a lot of young fans” and they “didn’t want to have the parental advisor sticker on our albums and singles.”

Perrie Edwards
Perrie Edwards admits the original lyrics of "Shout Out To My Ex" was about Gigi Hadid. [Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

“I was heartbroken,” Edwards, 23, said about their split, which she addressed in the group’s new book, Our World. “I got a text message, it felt like the worst time of my life. I felt like s***, I got over it. That’s pretty much all I said in the book. The rest is about how amazing our life is.”

Edwards said she understand the connection to the song, but she admits that it’s not about her relationship. She also feels that “Shout Out To My Ex” is a female-empowerment anthem for women who have moved on from their exes.

“We obviously knew what was going to come with this single, but if we’re empowering women all over the world and people are feeling better about themselves than we can put up with a few questions. We’ve all been through it. Just because our relationships are more public it doesn’t mean Michelle or Tina down the road haven’t been through the same thing.”

Now Gigi is getting her digs back at Perrie, according to reports. The 21-year-old model has supposedly told her friends that Perrie is “immature” and she needs to get over Zayn. According to the Mirror, this conversation supposedly happened after the original lyrics for “Shout Out To My Ex” leaked.

“Gigi wishes Perrie would just move on and leave her and Zayn alone. She thinks the song and the lyrics are immature… He’s been down-playing it to Gigi, and telling her not to give it any energy or though, and that it just comes from a place of jealousy.”

Neither Edwards nor Hadid has responded directly about the lyrics. That hasn’t stopped the British outlets from pitting the women against each other. Edwards hasn’t dished on the whole story about what went down between her and Malik. And it looks like fans will never know what happened.

Although the Little Mix singer has gotten cheeky about some aspects of her relationship with the “Pillowtalk” singer, Edwards said on The Jonathan Ross Show that she won’t be revealing all, according to E! News.

gigi hadid fires back
Gigi Hadid slams Perrie Edwards' "immature" new song. [Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

“For a normal girl to go through something like that is hard. I think when the whole world is looking at it and talking about it, you feel a bit [affected by it],” she said on the late-night show. “Obviously, I didn’t say too much about it. I briefly mentioned it. I wasn’t going to mention it.”

As for why they split, Edwards only stated, “You’re in control at the end of the day and I briefly mentioned it, kind of said what happened but I would never go into detail because it is personal.”

Little Mix’s Glory Days is out Friday, Nov. 17. Let us know your thoughts. Do you think “Shout Out To My Ex” was a dig towards Hadid or Malik? Do you feel that Edwards should stop talking about her split to the media? Sound off below in the comment section.

[Featured Images by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images and Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]