Obama Has Weird Sports Videos As Part Of His Legacy As President

President Obama’s goodbye video has American mourning the loss of another great leader, and part of the reason America loved him and the First Family so much is due to their sense of humor. Thankfully, for Obama fans, there are lots of weird sports moments that happened during his presidency that were caught on video.

Interestingly, there may be a lot more sports moments in the future for the Obamas. For example, there is a weird sports connection between the Obamas and the Bidens. Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden and First Lady Michelle Obama talked about this connection when they were interviewed in April 2011 for The Gayle King Show.

The Obama family is often photographed at basketball games. [Image by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images]

At that time, they stated that President Obama coached a sports team for both his own daughter Sasha as well as the granddaughter of Vice President Joe Biden, Maisy.

President Obama might be playing more basketball in his retirement, but chances are that his skills are too tough for the average American. In an interview in 2008 on HBO with Bryant Gumbel, Obama talked about how much he loved basketball because of his childhood in Hawaii.

After playing basketball throughout his childhood, Obama temporarily quit playing in college but went back to basketball in graduate school. It was there that Obama started playing “no blood no foul” pick-up basketball.

Obviously, the Obamas love sports, and sometimes their public promotion of fitness in America gets silly on purpose. For example, it is difficult for many to forget Michelle Obama’s potato sack race at the White House in 2012 with Jimmy Fallon.

The intended purpose was to promote the “Let’s Move” program, and on top of the First Lady’s oddball moves, Jimmy Fallon was wearing a metallic spandex unitard.

Other weird ways President Obama was involved in sports was when he, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain addressed the WWE Universe of fans in 2008 to advertise running for president.

President Obama spoke directly about the reign of Randy Orton coming to an end and stressed that if he was the president, he would create healthcare for everyone. Obama ended his message to the WWE Universe with, “Do you smell what Barack is cooking?”

In return, the WWE also has had plenty of moments to include President Obama in their programming. For example, the “Capital Punishment” promo in 2011 included President Obama footage answering questions to a fake White House Press Corp.

There are also plenty of strange WWE moments that involve Obama impersonators. For example, in 2008 when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were facing off in the Democratic Primaries, WWE had their own presentation about their “fight” for the election.


During his 2008 campaign, Obama had an ad for the Super Bowl, and he also has made Super Bowl predictions.

Regardless, after predicting the New Orleans Saints as the winner in 2010 during an interview with Diane Sawyer, he then repeatedly refused to give his predictions.

One of the funniest things about Obama and the Super Bowl was revealed when he was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly in 2011. At that time, Obama said that when the Super Bowl is on, there is no time for “chitting and chatting.”

Another funny basketball moment for President Obama was when he played H-O-R-S-E with CBS commentator and former Indiana Pacers player, Clark Kellogg. Despite the fact that you are supposed to spell out the word “horse” in this game, the President chose “P-O-T-U-S” A.K.A. President of the United States.

President Obama jokingly says to Clark Kellogg, “I will not be humiliated on national television” because Obama wanted Kellogg to think he might be naturally out-gamed by a pro basketball player.

At the end of the video, Obama decides Clark Kellogg was probably letting him win in the beginning since he was the president, but that was only because Kellogg “didn’t realize he was going to end up losing” at the end of the game to Obama.

President Obama also enjoys golfing. [Image by Cory Lum-Pool/Getty Images]

Fans of the president that have always wanted to play sports with him can do it in a unique and free way with a video game called Super Obama World. Based on the Nintendo classic Super Mario Brothers, the exception is that all of the running and jumping that President Obama does is in Alaska.

Interestingly, Obama does not necessarily like video games and talked about their problems in a 2010 speech to the University in Hampton, Virginia. For their graduation day program, Obama said that there is a danger associated with the iPod, iPad, Xbox, or PlayStation because “information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.”

Obama might also dislike video games and screens due to the fact that his daughters beat him at them. In 2011, Obama was quoted in Forbes as stating, “In case you all are wondering, [I am buying] Just Dance [3] for the Wii… The girls beat me every time on these various dance games. And you’ll never get a picture of me [playing] because I get graded ‘F’ every time.”

Although Obama fails at Just Dance, he and his wife are very good dancers. For example, Obama dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show is a classic TV moment for the president.

One of the funniest moments of Obama dancing was in 2008 when he was still on the campaign trail and he talked about how his daughter misunderstood “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” Allegedly, Malia or Sasha thought the lyrics were “drop it like a sock.”

After Obama announced that on stage, someone cued Snoop Dogg’s song over the P.A., and Obama started dancing to the song in front of the audience.

Not to be stood up, Michelle Obama is also known for her dancing, and this is evident in a video that shows her doing The Dougie at Alice Deal Middle School.

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