Netflix 'The Crown' Season 2 Spoilers And Predictions

The downside of bingeing on the new Netflix series The Crown is that it is now just about a year until you can feed your Queen Elizabeth addiction.But season two is already shooting around the United Kingdom, so you can be assured that more episodes are on their way, with the intense Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, and the smug Matt Smith as the brooding Prince Philip.

But don't get too attached to Foy and Smith, because season two will reportedly be their last in the roles of the queen and the prince, says the Inquisitr. It is understandable that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will have to age, and Foy and Smith can only be aged so much with make-up and wigs. So far, nobody has been tapped to take over the roles from Foy and Smith, but stay tuned.

The first season of The Crown on Netflix spanned eight years over ten episodes, and it started with Princess Elizabeth marrying Philip Mountbatten, and ran through the retirement of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the break-up of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. As Netflix has admitted that the series will be wrapped up in six seasons, it is expected that nearly a decade will be covered in each season, give or take a few years.


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So, taking a look at history, there are a few things that fans can expect from season two of The Crown, and Queen Elizabeth has a pretty full plate. Winston Churchill might have lasted through more than one royal, but don't be too optimistic about his successors. Season 2 will see three of them, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, and Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

"Eden was faring poorly in public opinion polls throughout much of 1956, but the Suez Crisis (more on that below) was the final straw, not to mention Eden's own poor health. He resigned at the beginning of 1957, and was succeeded by fellow conservative Macmillan, who was in turn succeeded by Douglas-Home seven years later."

It is even possible that in season two, fans might see a fourth in Harold Wilson.

And Anthony Eden won't just be retiring calmly in old age like Churchill; he will be the one to take the fall for the debacle that is the Suez Crisis. Great Britain invaded Egypt, along with Israel and France with the goal of regaining Western control of the Suez Canal (which connects the Mediterranean to the Red Sea). The United Nations, along with the United States pressured the forces to retreat, and it was regarded as a huge embarrassment and led to the resignation of Eden.

Another big story for Season 2 which will captivate viewers (especially if the casting is spot on) is the birth of the Beatles and Beatlemania. The royals were said to be huge Beatles fans, and with Prince Charles being a teenager in Season 2, he will fall under their spell (as will his aunt, Princess Margaret). In 1963, the Beatles performed for the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret at the Royal Variety Show in London and had a meet-and-greet with the Queen Mum afterwards. John Lennon allegedly called out to the audience during the performance.

"On this next number I want you all to join in. Would those in the cheap seats clap their hands—the rest of you can rattle your jewelry."

Season 2 will also bring a government-linked sex scandal and a royal wedding, so drama will never be in short supply.

Are you hooked on The Crown? What was your favorite part so far?

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