Ashlee Holmes On ‘RHONJ’ Reunion: Teresa And Melissa’s Lies Make Her Sick

Ashlee Holmes has been a huge part of the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise since the very beginning. Her mother, Jacqueline Laurita, was one of the original housewives when the show began, and back then, Ashlee was a troublesome teenager who was parented by Danielle Staub when Jacqueline lost control.

Holmes was a troubled teenager who wanted the downtown New York lifestyle but didn’t want to make an effort to make it a reality. She had expected that her parents would pay for her lifestyle while she worked as an intern. Even though she was once very dramatic, she’s now a mother and would prefer to keep her opinions to herself when it comes to her mother’s co-stars on the show.

According to a new tweet, Ashlee Holmes is now revealing that she stayed away from Twitter on Sunday night as the second part of the reunion special aired on Bravo. Holmes wasn’t happy with the way Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga attacked her mother. Of course, several people feel that Jacqueline is not the victim in this case, but one can imagine that Ashlee was shocked and saddened by the accusation that her mother played a role in exposing Teresa’s legal problems and the massive fraud scheme that landed both her and her husband in jail.

“I didn’t tweet during #RHONJ last night because I was disgusted with all of the denial and lies by Melissa and Teresa. Makes me sick,” Ashlee Holmes revealed on Twitter this past Sunday when the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired, sharing that she stayed away from social media because she is tired of Teresa and Melissa slamming her mother.

Some people are in full support of Laurita, as they see what she was trying to do throughout this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She wanted to work things out with her former friend, but she also wanted her to take responsibility. However, Ashlee Holmes feels that Melissa and Giudice were standing together and not allowing her mother to achieve her goal of working out her issues with Teresa. Some people were convinced that Ashlee’s mother’s intentions were not pure.


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“Girl bye YOUR MOM IS a nut case not Teresa & Melissa!!!! You guys need to part ways with Bravo..your time has come and gone. I don’t believe they lied at all. They are getting their family back on track and Wacko Jackie can’t handle it!” one person wrote back to Ashlee, pointing out that her own mother isn’t as innocent as Holmes may want her to be.

“Jacqueline isn’t so innocent in all this either and she’s only pretending to be friends with Kathy to talk about them,” one person replied to Ashlee Holmes, while another person added, “your mother is the crazy one. She’s so invested in their relationship. She needs to move on. She’s not important to them.”

While it isn’t surprising that Holmes is taking her mother’s side in this argument, it sounds like she wants people to know that she would tell her mother if she felt she was wrong. And Ashlee reminds people that she has been on the show and involved in these friendships for years and possibly know both sides of the argument, plus everything that has happened behind the scenes.

“People forget that I was around hearing everything from BOTH sides too #RHONJ,” Ashlee Holmes pointed out in a separate tweet as if she addressed all of the people who criticized her mother’s behavior on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

What do you think of Ashlee Holmes’ tweets about not wanting to get involved in the drama of The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Are you surprised that she’s still involving herself in the drama?

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