WWE News: Longtime Superstar Says Goodbye After 'SmackDown,' When Will He Return? Is He Done For Good?

Everyone knew it was coming sooner rather than later, but WWE did everything they possibly could to try and swerve the fans. On Sunday night, Chris Jericho took on Kevin Owens at Payback, and he ended up winning the United States Championship in a shocking victory. Everyone thought he was leaving the company soon, and he is, but it just took him a few days longer to say goodbye. Now, the biggest questions are when will he return and is he coming back at all?

Jericho's victory on Sunday was a big win for him, but his title reign did not end up lasting long at all. As recapped by the official website of WWE, Jericho lost the United States Championship to Kevin Owens on last night's episode of SmackDown Live, but there was much more that happened after it was over.

When the match was done, and Owens had taken his title, he wasn't finished with Jericho. The new champion battered his former best friend with another pop-up powerbomb before wrapping a chair around his head and slamming him into the ring post.

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This was the company's way of writing off Chris Jericho as he is set to go on tour with his band Fozzy for most of the summer. Beginning this Friday in Virginia Beach, Fozzy will start a tour that will take up almost every night throughout May and even head to the United Kingdom in June.

As of now, the official website for Fozzy has the final concert date listed as June 24 in Seattle, which is after two dates in the U.K.

Wrestling Inc. is reporting that Shane McMahon was on "Talking Smack" after last night's SmackDown and said Jericho was taken to a local emergency room. This was to further the angle about Jericho's injuries suffered at the hands of Owens, and it will likely be addressed next week.

At this point, many fans are wondering if the 46-year-old veteran will ever return to the squared circle again. As everyone could see, he still competed at a very high level since his last comeback started in January of last year, and he just keeps getting better in the ring and on the mic.

Once SmackDown Live was over, and things had died down a little bit, Jericho posted a photo on his Instagram that had been put together by some of his fans.

Jericho thanked all of the fans for their support and for cheering him on, but some of his final words on the post are what offer up hope. His hashtag of #seeyouagain lets everyone know that he is far from done wrestling or with the promotion.

It is no shock that Chris Jericho would want to return and continue his wrestling career as he hasn't rounded that bend just yet. His performances in the ring are still some of the best in the world, and he's always entertaining on the mic, and in every storyline that he's given.

The world will be a sad place when Y2J finally decides to call it a career and hang up his boots for good, but that doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. His tour with Fozzy is going to last a couple of months, but there is hope that Jericho could be back by SummerSlam in late August or right after.

Chris Jericho's United States Title win at Payback was likely more to keep the fans guessing and to swerve the wrestling rumor sites. He headed to SmackDown Live for just a couple of nights before losing the belt back to Kevin Owens and being written off WWE television with an injury angle. His tour with Fozzy will only last into the middle of the summer, and by Jericho's own words, he will return, and the fans will see him again.

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