Brad Pitt’s ‘Dynamite Recordings’ Could ‘Embarrass’ Angelina Jolie And Ruin Her Plans For Full Custody

Brad Pitt might have an ace in the hole after all. The actor allegedly has some “dynamite recordings” that could place Angelina Jolie in an embarrassing position. Does Pitt have a chance in gaining joint custody of their six children?

Daily Mail reports that the alleged tapes could hamper Jolie’s fight for full custody of the kids. The actress mounted a smear campaign against her estranged husband after filing for divorce, yet the rumored audio might put her on the defensive.

“We believe audio tapes exist of Angelina that would be absolutely dynamite against her if they were to be made public. Nobody wants to play dirty like that but Angelina and her team seem absolutely hellbent on trying to discredit Brad in order to stop him getting full custody.”

The Allied star was recently cleared of all the child abuse claims leveled against him. The child abuse rumors surfaced after an incident between Pitt and his oldest son, Maddox, on a private plane.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt walked their last red carpet as a couple over a year ago. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

According to Perez Hilton, an argument did occur between the father and son, but it did not escalate to the point of abuse. “Yes, there was an argument on a plane between him and Maddox, but that’s it. It’s not abuse,” the source stated.

With the Department of Children and Family Services no longer investigating Pitt, the actor is prepared to launch a full effort for joint custody. In response, Jolie is sticking by her demands for full custody, which means the matter will ultimately be settled in court.

Pitt and Jolie have been together for over a decade and share six children, including Maddox (15), Pax (12), Zahara (11), Shiloh (10), and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. They tied the knot in 2014.

With things starting to take a positive turn for Pitt, the actor made his first public appearance since the divorce. Last week, Pitt walked the red carpet with his co-star Marion Cotillard for the premiere of Allied in Los Angeles.

[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Pitt, who decided against wearing his ring, graciously chatted with fans and signed autographs. Later, he explained how much he appreciated the love and support he’s received since the surprising breakup with Jolie.

“It’s really sweet, everyone has been really kind out here,” he shared. “It’s nice to have all the support.”

NY Daily News reports that Pitt has formally responded to Jolie’s divorce petition. After Brad Pitt’s filing, Jolie’s rep released an official statement about the DCFS’s investigation, saying: “Angelina said from the beginning that she felt she had to take action for the health of the family and is relieved that after their eight-week involvement, the DCFS is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal.”

Jolie is currently enjoying full physical custody of the kids, though that will likely change as the pair fight it out in court. As far as Jolie is concerned, Bill Bob Thornton told People that the Tomb Raider star is doing surprisingly well in the wake of the divorce.

“She seems, you know, okay to me when I talk to [her],” Thornton shared. “I don’t talk to her that often though. We’re still very good friends, but she’s got her world. I’ve got mine.”

Thornton married Jolie back in 2000 after meeting on the set of a movie. The couple lasted for three years before filing for divorce in 2003. Despite the breakup, Thornton revealed that he remains in contact with Jolie but didn’t reach out after he learned about the divorce.

[Image by Chris Weeks/Getty Images]

“Once in a blue moon we come together,” he admitted. “Every now and then we talk, you know? Whatever. But when people are going through their trials and tribulations I try to leave them alone unless they want to talk to me. In other words, I figure it’s none of my business. Unless someone makes it my business, it’s none of my business.”

Thornton’s comments come after his revealing interview with GQ about his marriage with Jolie. Thornton told the magazine that he “never felt good enough” for Jolie and that he was never “real comfortable around rich and important people.”

“I like how I am,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mirror is reporting that Pitt just made another red carpet appearance in Shanghai. The actor snapped a few selfies with Chinese fans and appeared in high spirits at the event.

For her part, Pitt’s Allied co-star Cotillard put down rumors that she had an affair with the actor. She also called Pitt “a good person” and praised him for his acting skills.

“[Brad is] such a good man. Of course, he’s an amazing actor. He’s such a good person that it’s really not difficult to get along with him.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have not commented on the latest rumors surrounding their divorce.

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