Joy-Anna Duggar Courting Austin Forsyth, 'Counting On' Season 3 Premieres In January

Joy-Anna Duggar is courting longtime friend Austin Forsyth, and Counting On fans will get to watch their courtship play out when the TLC series returns for a third season next January.

So just who is 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar's new beau? As People reports, Austin appeared alongside the Duggar daughter in a courtship announcement video that aired during Jinger Duggar's Counting On wedding special on Tuesday night.

"Hey y'all! I'm Joy Duggar and this is Austin," Joy-Anna says in the video.

Austin tells the camera that he had asked Joy-Anna Duggar to enter into a courtship with him right before the video was filmed. According to a Counting On Season 3 preview, that moment will be shown sometime next year.

Joy-Anna Duggar and her new beau have known each other for 15 years, and Austin chose to ask Joy-Anna to court him atop a cliff overlooking tree-covered hills because the spot is special to them. They said that they were last there together on August 1, 2015, so Austin has had a romantic interest in Joy-Anna for over a year.

"There was a whole group of us that came up," Joy-Anna said of their previous hilltop excursion.

"And we were just hanging out and it was really late at night, stars were just gorgeous. For me that's really special, but then just being with him. And then now it's even more special because it's where we start our courtship."
Austin doesn't reveal his last name in the courtship announcement video, but the T-shirt he's wearing is a big clue about his identity. It's free advertising for the Fort Rock Family Camp, a vacation destination owned by Duggar family friends Terry and Roxanne Forsyth. According to the "Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray" page, Austin Forsyth is their son, and his family's religious views are very much in line with those of the Duggars.

"The Forsyths seem to be Duggar clones," Pickles and Hairspray writes.

"They run in the same Gothard circles. This is a sad day when again we see the Duggar girls are only meant for early marriages and birthing litters of babies."
Austin Forsyth works at the Fort Rock Family Camp, which is located in Combs, Arkansas. The website for the vacation destination describes it as a re-creation of "an 1800s fort and old west town" where families "can step back in time, slow down and enjoy spectacular beauty any time of the year while fellowshipping with other Christian families." In 2009, the Forsyths appeared on the CMT reality series World's Strictest Parents. They shared their views that women should dress modestly and that their place is in the home. Austin was 15 years old at the time, meaning he's around 22 now.

A photo of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth can currently be seen on the Fort Rock Family website.


According to the Duggar family's testimonial on the website, the Forsyths first met the Duggars in 2002 shortly after they left their home in Texas to build the Fort Rock Family camp in Arkansas. The Duggars helped their friends get a little publicity in 2009 when their visit to the camp was filmed for an 18 Kids and Counting episode titled "Duggars and Daughters." According to People, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have also attended marriage retreats at the faux old west town near the Ozark National Forest.

Austin Forsyth seems to have aspirations beyond working for his family's business. According to the Madison County Record, he recently ran for the South Township constable's position in Madison County, Arkansas. Forsyth tried to convince voters that he was right for the job by pointing out that he had four years of experience as an EMT/firefighter with the St. Paul Volunteer Fire Department. However, he lost the race by 91 votes.

Pickles and Hairspray speculates that Joy-Anna Duggar will end up working for the Forsyths at the Fort Rock Family Camp if she and Austin tie the knot. Joy-Anna has revealed her other plans for the future on Counting On, and her courtship shouldn't interfere with them much at all. After her home school graduation party, Joy-Anna revealed that she was just going to stay home and help out around the house. Her only other plans were to take Bible classes online.

When a Duggar enters into a courtship, the goal is marriage. Do you think Joy-Anna Duggar is too young to be heading to the altar? Share your thoughts below.

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