WWE News: Goldberg Reveals The Real Reason He Returned To WWE -- Ready To 'Kill' Brock Lesnar

When it was confirmed that Bill Goldberg would be returning to WWE, many people thought he was crazy for even thinking about it. The 49-year-old has made his comeback after more than a decade away from the ring and he will be facing Brock Lesnar this Sunday at Survivor Series. Many have wondered why he would even think about getting back into wrestling again, and he has finally revealed the true reason.

This weekend, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown LIVE will battle it out for brand supremacy at Survivor Series, but there will be one match that's different. In a rematch from WrestleMania XX, a returning Goldberg will have his first match in more than a decade when he takes on Brock Lesnar.

wwe news goldberg reason return kill brock lesnar survivor series
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It has been 12 years since Goldberg had his last match and he knows that time has caught up to him, but he's not prepared to hang up his boots just yet. Sure, he loves the sport of wrestling and has had the itch to get back in the ring for a long time, but why did he actually return?

As reported by Wrestling Inc., Goldberg appeared on the PIX11 News Morning Show this morning and said he was indeed "nuts" for coming back to WWE. His doctor gave him a clean bill of health when taking his physical and he asked "The Man" why he decided to come back so he could learn exactly what his reason was for it.

Goldberg said it's not just for him as he doesn't have anything to prove in his life or career. The former world heavyweight champion wants to share something he loves with his family and experience it together. That's exactly what he will be able to do this Sunday at Survivor Series and it may very well be his last match ever.

wwe news goldberg reason return kill brock lesnar survivor series
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At WrestleMania XX, Goldberg did win his last match and he said he wanted to give Brock Lesnar the chance to even things out and make it 1-1. While his reasoning for coming back has to do with sharing something with his family, he does have one small, selfish thought in this whole entire thing.

Goldberg did say that if gets the opportunity to "kill" Brock Lesnar again, then "why not?"

It's not as if Bill Goldberg has been sitting around doing nothing for all this time, but he knows that there are no chances for a practice or warm-up match. His match with Lesnar will be his first and only bout and it's something he simply needs to be prepared for.

wwe news goldberg reason return kill brock lesnar survivor series
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WWE and wrestling announcing legend Jim Ross recently spoke with Goldberg about his comeback and reported it all for Fox Sports. Good ol' JR noticed that Goldberg is being realistic about this whole thing and knows this won't be an easy task, but he's been preparing for the day.

"I'd love to be the Goldberg of old, and not the Goldberg that's old. I'm 12 years older, and gray, but in those 12 years I that I've been away from wrestling I'm much wiser, and I have 12 years of MMA training that I can utilize. My stand up game is immensely better than it ever was in WCW or WWE."
Even though there is plenty of historic and past footage of Goldberg in the ring, his son has never actually seen him perform live in the ring. This match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series will give him that chance and let his family share something special together.

Goldberg may be "nuts" for making his return to WWE and the wrestling ring, but he wanted to do it at least one more time. He has already said that this is currently a one-match deal and there is a reason he told Brock Lesnar "You're last!" If he's in great shape and ready to "kill" Brock Lesnar, then you can guarantee he's going to give this match at Survivor Series his all. His reason for return being something his family can share means he will make sure nothing is left behind.

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