‘Hamilton’ Lin-Manuel Miranda Went All Fanboy When Meeting Weird Al Yankovic

During his run in Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda had the chance to meet many celebrities who came backstage to say hello, but Miranda says when he met one particular celebrity, he was unable to keep his cool. Lin-Manuel Miranda said that he met one of his role models just before Hamilton, and embarrassed himself so badly, he shut down afterward.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that he was leaving the show he launched, Hamilton, people went crazy, says the Inquisitr. It was already a challenge to get tickets, and after he made the announcement, people seemed willing to do anything to get their hands on tickets. But don’t worry, because Miranda promises that everyone will get to see Hamilton with its original cast on DVD. PBS also made a behind-the-scenes show about Alexander Hamilton’s life, and the making of the play, and Lin-Manuel Miranda says that there will be Hamilton mix tapes with guest performers.

Being the star and creator of the hottest play in New York City, you have an opportunity to meet and potentially work with a lot of celebrities going forward. Lin-Manuel Miranda says that he got a chance to write for and work with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the new Disney film and soundtrack for Moana, says Playbill.

Miranda jokes that he worked out Johnson’s vocal range in advance by checking out what he used to do.

“I figured out his vocal range from watching his wrestling videos.”


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But the story that Lin-Manuel Miranda tells sheepishly is the tale of when he met one of his childhood role models. One day at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, he got to meet Weird Al Yankovic, and he went all fanboy.

“It was actually pre-Hamilton, it was the first time I met [song parodist] Weird Al Yankovic. I have no chill whatsoever. … I was so upset with my own behavior that I went home and took a nap like a child.”

But like any New York fairy tale, Miranda got the chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his idol, Weird Al, says Entertainment Weekly. Saturday night, at Radio City Music Hall, Weird Al Yankovic was performing to a packed house when he brought out a special guest to sing his song “Yoda” with him.

Weird Al pointed the microphone at the crowd to let them sing the refrain, and then made an announcement.

“Okay, now just Lin-Manuel!”

Lin-Manuel Miranda rushed on stage to join Weird Al in finishing the song. Miranda said the night made it all worth it.

“In 9th grade I sat in an upper box of the Beacon with [Alex Sarlin] & Emily Pinkowitz & we screamed ‘Yoda!!’ It was [Yankovic’s] encore.” Posting a selfie with the musical maven, he followed up, “We truly believed our screams made Yoda happen. It was, at that point, the best moment of my life. Today was a VERY close second.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Weird Al Yankovic song “Yoda,” just go over the melody in your head for The Kinks song “Lola,” L-O-L-A, says Slate. Lin-Manuel Miranda seems to bring a certain enthusiasm and pure joy to almost everything he does, and singing “Yoda” with Weird Al Yankovic is not exception.

The original “Yoda” was on Yankovic’s album Dare to Be Stupid from 1985, but that isn’t his only ode to Star Wars. There is also the song “The Saga Begins,” which is to the tune of the song “American Pie.”

Would you like to see Lin-Manuel Miranda do a duet with Weird Al?

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