Brooks Ayers Reaches Out To ‘RHONJ’ Bad Boy James Marchese: What Are They Bonding Over?

Brooks Ayers remains a topic of discussion on The Real Housewives of Orange County, as he has been brought up by Andy Cohen during both parts of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special. Andy really wanted Vicki Gunvalson to address some of the rumors that had surfaced regarding Brooks throughout the season, as she did try to reach out to him. Also, Heather Dubrow revealed that just a few months ago, Gunvalson had said that she couldn’t wait to go to heaven so she could be with him. However, Ayers hasn’t expressed the same desire for Vicki. After the cancer scandal had broken, he moved to Florida, where he has been keeping a low profile since leaving Orange County behind.

According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers is now making his connections in the Bravo world once again, but this time he isn’t reaching out to Vicki. Maybe he has learned his lesson about being involved with Gunvalson. Instead, Ayers chose to reach out to another controversial Bravo star, who didn’t exactly make the best impression on viewers.

A few years ago, James Marchese rocked The Real Housewives of New Jersey with his outrageous outbursts and his decision to argue with most of the housewives. Dina Manzo was clearly not a fan of him, but he was excited about the opportunity to be on the show. Marchese used social media to slam his co-stars when he was on the show, and he was very vocal in Bravo supporting a felon when they put the show on hold to wait for Teresa Giudice.

When it comes to Brooks Ayers, it sounds like Brooks and James were both huge supporters of Donald Trump during the recent presidential election. So when Brooks learned that Marchese had voted for Trump, he felt it was appropriate for them to bond over their love of Trump – and their dislike for people, who have gone against the future president.


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“Exactly.. #perspective #truth What do you think James Marchese,” Brooks Ayers revealed on social media, sharing a picture of a quote that read, “Remember that time republicans rioted, beat innocent democratic voters, destroyed property, and torched American flags? Me neither”

“So true! #Liberal #EliteDangerous #CryBabies need to go back to mommies basement!” James Marchese replied to Brooks’ tweet, as the two clearly bonded over their political views.

It is interesting that Ayers is reaching out to James, as both guys have been labeled the bad guys of the Real Housewives franchise. However, it’s even more interesting that Ayers – who has been accused of lying about having cancer – would reach out to James, whose wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer more than once. No word on how Amber reacted when she learned that the guy accused of lying about cancer reached out to her husband, while she was being treated for breast cancer.

Also, if you think time has healed all wounds in this case, you are wrong. Ayers is still facing harsh criticism from Real Housewives of Orange County viewers, who constantly remind him that he did something unforgivable by lying about having cancer. And he’s constantly defending himself, saying he is still sick.

“Wrong again… You are grossly misinformed thanks to editing of “not”realityTV! If you only knew…,” Brooks Ayers replied to several of the followers who slammed him for lying about having cancer, while adding to another person, “Who asks anyone for medical records? It’s a show designed for drama to create ratings.”

That seems to be one thing that Brooks and James can agree on. Both of them have talked about the shows being all about the drama.

Are you surprised that Brooks Ayers reached out to James Marchese from The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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