Billy Bob Thornton Opens Up About Angelina Jolie Marriage, Wants To Make A Movie With Brad Pitt

Billy Bob Thornton has stayed good friends with Angelina Jolie since the former couple divorced in 2003. As Angelina prepares to divorce Brad Pitt, Billy Bob has opened up about his marriage to the megastar, claiming that he never felt good enough for her. He also said that if given the opportunity to make a movie with Brad Pitt, that is something Thornton would like to do.

In a recent interview in the December issue of Playboy via Too Fab, Billy Bob Thornton was asked about the ongoing drama related to Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt. Billy Bob was very candid about his own marriage to the Oscar-winning actress and said that when they were together, he always “felt beneath her.”

“I always felt beneath her, and if you’re living a life with someone you feel you’re beneath, that’s not good for either of you,” Thornton said of his relationship with Angelina Jolie.

Angelina and Billy Bob were married for three years in what might be one of the wackiest celebrity couplings in recent history. Despite their 20-year age difference, Angelina and Billy Bob seemed truly in love until they abruptly ended their short marriage. Prior to that, the pair looked pretty cozy and set out to prove their devotion by wearing vials of each others’ blood around their necks.

Billy Bob Thornton is getting ready to release a new movie soon. With Bad Santa 2 making its premiere in theaters on November 23, Angelina’s ex-husband is currently working hard to promote the flick. The timing has been perfect as Thornton makes his rounds trying to increase excitement over the new comedy and many outlets have asked him directly about the Jolie-Pitt divorce and what he thinks of both Angelina and Brad.

“Angie and I are still friends. That won’t ever go away,” Billy Bob said about his former wife. “We don’t talk on a regular basis; sometimes I won’t see her for five years. But I offer. I know she’s been through a lot. She’s a great person. And she’s one of the people who didn’t abandon me. She never has.”

Even though Thornton’s former wife and current friend is divorcing Brad Pitt, he doesn’t seem to have any anger toward Pitt. Instead, Billy Bob makes it clear that he’d love to work with Brad if given the chance. He even suggests that he’d like to play a “couple of southern guys” alongside Pitt. We’ll see if Brad Pitt is listening and happens to make such a film in the future.

Brad Pitt has been under investigation by DCFS since September, just after Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. The case against Brad was recently closed and no action is being taken against the award-winning actor for the scuffle that took place also in September aboard a transatlantic private jet flight from France to Los Angeles.

Now that the investigation is over, Brad has responded to Angelina Jolie’s divorce papers and for a moment, it really looked like the divorce drama would get a lot uglier before it got better. Just last week though, it was reported that Angelina and Brad had come to an agreement on custody arrangements for the children. The New York Daily News reported that Angelina Jolie will keep primary custody of the kids and Brad Pitt will be visiting them for “therapeutic visits.”

Despite all that is going on in Angelina’s life right now, Billy Bob Thornton said that although he doesn’t talk to Jolie often, she “seems okay” when he does talk to her. Thornton also made it pretty clear that he doesn’t get involved with Angelina’s personal life and doesn’t seem to have much insight into what is going on with the Jolie-Pitt divorce.

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