Personalized Christmas Gifts Guide

Personalized Christmas gifts are often far more cherished than an item picked up at the local mall. Trying to decide what to buy a loved one who has everything, or a senior citizen who simply does not need another pair of slippers, can be difficult. The top personalized presents for Christmas range from sweet to downright hilarious. When purchasing a customized holiday gift, it is recommended to allow at least four weeks from time of order to desired delivery date.

I Am A Stuffed Animal – The plush dolls are of course perfect gifts for children, but they have far more possibilities as well. Instead of just giving grandma (or great grandma) a framed photos of the little darlings this year; give them a stuffed mini doll of each youngster. The colorful and highly detailed stuffed dolls could double as a decorative pillow. A military spouse would surely love having a plush replica of their loved one to cuddle with at night. If your best friend, sister, or cousin is down in the dumps after a breakup this holiday season, the stuffed doll could double as faux voodoo doll to enjoy playfully tormenting during the next girls night in.

Custom Photo Cell Phone Skins – Skip the cluttered cell phone case kiosk at the mall and opt instead for a customized mobile device cover. Simply choose a photo significant to the gift recipient, email the image to the company, and get ready to see a smile on your loved ones face when the present is opened.

Personalized Romantic Novel – Writing skills are not required to turn a couple’s relationship story into an erotic vampire novel. After answering a few questions about the recipient online, the book is personalized and shipped from U Star Novels. The company also offers books without an erotic twist for young readers and less risqué loved ones on the holiday shopping list.

Custom Personalized Photo Rubik’s Cube – Puzzle and brain teaser fans might enjoy a personalized twist on the classic Rubik’s Cube game. The cube displays up to six photos, one for each side. The image is divided into nine parts and attached onto the little squares.

Personalized Glassware – A set of wine glasses or sturdy beer mugs are nice, but going a step further and matching the gift to a loved one’s personality may be even better. ETSY boasts a host of artists with paint brushes at the ready. Hand-painted glassware will add a bit of pizzazz to the recipient’s next social gathering. Although many of the artists offer multiple designs to choose from, most take personalized orders and paint the design or phrase of your choosing.