Kenya Moore Hints Sheree Hid Money From The IRS: Faces Criticism Over Violent Matt Jordan

Kenya Moore decided to invite Sheree Whitfield to her housewarming party, but fans quickly realized that it wasn’t an olive branch to make peace. As Whitfield noted after receiving the phone call, the invitation was covered in shade. She had no idea what Moore really wanted when she invited her to the housewarming party, but Sheree was highly entertained when Porsha Williams showed up. But even with some time with the ladies, Sheree and Kenya could not get along. The episode ended with them fighting and now, Kenya is playing dirty on Twitter.

According to a new tweet, Kenya Moore is now revealing that Whitfield may have hidden money from the IRS during the five years that she’s been building her home. Sheree hasn’t made headlines with any possible IRS investigation or owing money to the government in relation to her home, but Kenya Moore says that she doesn’t want to accept help from Sheree as she doesn’t want to get in trouble with the IRS.

“How can Sheree Whitfield help me? Turn my house into a hologram to hide it from the IRS? #ByeGirl #IRS,” Kenya Moore revealed on Twitter as Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, hinting that Sheree had done something to hide her building expenses from the IRS.

It seems like Moore was full of the accusations during Sunday’s episode of the show, as she didn’t stop there. But when someone talked to her about hitting below the belt, including the comment that Kenya Moore didn’t have a mother growing up, Kenya revealed that some of the comments made by her co-stars were downright evil.

“Funny to me that people make fun of you for not having your mother in your life. You had your father & most did NOT,” one person wrote to Kenya Moore after seeing her confrontation with Sheree, to which Moore wrote, “It’s pure evil to make fun of any1 without a parent in their life. They will try anything to tear u down when your indestructible #RHOA.”


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But one of the main stories that spread on social media had to do with Moore’s decision to take back Matt Jordan. He showed up unannounced during her housewarming party and she decided to forgive him after they hadn’t talked in about a month. And this was shocking to some people, as she wanted Porsha Williams to leave her house due to her behavior, but invited Matt into her home, even though he had shown violent behavior.

“Matt got physical, Kenya takes him back…but Porsha has to leave #hypocrite #RHOA,” one person wrote about Kenya Moore‘s behavior on the show, as she kicked out Porsha Williams from her home for being violent last year, but decided to give Matt Jordan a second chance, despite being a much bigger threat.

And one person had a theory as to Kenya’s troublesome comments, writing that she was downright jealous of Porsha Williams, writing, “I believe she is jealous of Porsha! Porsha is young and gorgeous!”

And if Kenya Moore had gained respect and support from viewers last week, it sounds like it’s slowly disappearing. People simply don’t understand why she would forgive a man who had shown aggressive behavior several times before.

“So just like that Kenya is going to work on things with Matt because it’s too much work to get to know someone else new? smh #RHOA,” one person wrote while watching the show on Sunday night, to which another person added in Kenya Moore’s defense, “an investment of your time is a factor sometimes. They have a year in building something. I think he seems genuine.”

But the follower didn’t buy the reasoning, writing back, “He had more than one violent episode according to her, though. That’s a no go for me personally. Boy Bye.”

What do you think of Kenya Moore’s accusation that Sheree hid money from the IRS?

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