LeeAnne Locken Working On Her Behavior As ‘RHOD’ Ladies Go On Cast Trip?

LeeAnne Locken was probably the only housewife in Dallas who campaigned strongly for the show to come back. After Bravo ended the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, the producers really didn’t know what to do with the show. Even though Andy Cohen had been very excited about this particular franchise for years, it sounds like fans didn’t like the heavy theme of charity. It seemed like the ladies on the show could only fight about one thing; who is the most charitable of them all. And that storyline quickly became tiring.

It took a while for Bravo to move forward with the second season, and when it was announced, LeeAnne Locken was excited. LeeAnne had been talking about her co-stars on social media, including hinting that Brandi Redmond’s friendship with Stephanie Hollman was indeed over. Locken had started hanging around Brandi and almost prided herself on being the new best friend in Brandi’s life. But it sounds like LeeAnne may have jumped the gun on this matter.

According to a new tweet, LeeAnne Locken spent the weekend back in Dallas while her co-stars went on a cast trip. Surprisingly, Locken was left behind while Brandi, Stephanie, and Cary all packed their bags and went to the airport. It sounds like LeeAnne Locken was left at home, as she spent the weekend tweeting out some quotes. Maybe she isn’t getting along with her co-stars as she had preached on Twitter, as she was left at home. The interesting part is that she was tweeting about changing her behavior.

LeeAnne Locken shared a quote that read, “The curious paradox is that whenI accept myself just as I am, then I can change,” while adding her own take on the quote, writing on Twitter, “If you TRULY WANT CHANGE then you must ACCEPT your flaws! For only in recognizing them can you find the STRENGTH to CHANGE THEM!”


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Usually, the ladies on the Real Housewives shows are not allowed to share things on social media that could reveal what’s happening on the current season of the show. But it’s clear that LeeAnne didn’t go on the trip and it is clear that Redmond, Deuber, and Hollman came back happy from their cast trip. Stephanie shared the news of her arrival home by sharing pictures of her and her co-stars at the airport yesterday. It sounds like the ladies had quite an awesome trip, even without LeeAnne Locken.

“Chance made the cutest sign that he was holding up for me as I walked up to baggage claim ‘Mom I love you and I missed you’ #MeltsMyHeart,” Stephanie Hollman revealed on Twitter, sharing a picture of herself with her sons at the airport.

Stephanie also shared a picture of herself with Brandi Redmond and Cary Deuber in the airport’s arrival hall, showing that there was no drama with her co-stars. It sounds like Locken may have caused drama on the trip, which is why she stayed at home. It’s no secret that LeeAnne brought the drama last year on the short weekend trip on The Real Housewives of Dallas, which is why her co-stars may have left her at home. And since Brandi and Stephanie are getting along again, LeeAnne may be left out once again.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken tweeting about changing her behavior while being left out of the cast trip? Do you think she may have jumped the gun on Brandi and Stephanie’s friendship, as she was very vocal on Twitter about them?

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