WWE Rumors: The Much Awaited ‘Broken’ Gimmick Might Not Happen Due To This Shocking Move By Impact Wrestling

Ever since the return of the Hardy Boyz, WWE Universe has been waiting for the "Broken" gimmick to debut on the show. However, if the latest WWE rumors are to be believed, that might never happen. It has been widely reported that the company was trying to negotiate a deal with TNA, who own the rights to the "Broken" characters.

The latest reports suggest that TNA Entertainment filed for new trademarks on the broken characters. As reported by PW Insider, it was filed to register Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brilliance, and Vangauard1. This has been done for the sake of "ongoing wrestling exhibitions." This would allow TNA to use the "Broken" gimmick on other wrestlers too.

This news has shaken wrestling fans and left them baffled as it is impossible to understand what benefits TNA could have from this trademarks. Legally speaking, they would own the rights to the "Broken" gimmick, and they could use it on other performers. Although unlikely, impact wrestling could introduce other broken characters such as Broken Sonjay and Broken Robbie E.

Matt Hardy broken gimmick
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Even before the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE, there was a bitter legal battle between the Hardy Boyz and TNA with the latter insisting that they own the gimmick and should be paid for using it elsewhere. After Matt and Jeff joined WWE, there have been ongoing negotiations between TNA and WWE for the usage of "Broken" gimmick.

Surprisingly, there have been several signs that Broken Universe was debuting on WWE. Matt Hardy has used several moves from his earlier gimmick, and his Twitter posting also point towards the "Broken" gimmick. The audiences have also cheered every entrance of the Hardy Boyz with the chants of "Delete."

There have also been speculations that the deal was through and Matt Hardy will soon debut the much-loved gimmick. However, Matt's wife, Reby Hardy, had outright denied that the deal was completed. She said via a tweet, "No. Absolutely none. The fact that this is even a rumor is such a joke." She even went further and blamed the Impact Executive producer Jeff Jarrett for the false leaks.

The only logical explanation at this point is that TNA wants to further strengthen its negotiating power by acquiring fresh trademarks over the "Broken" characters. Armed with the new trademarks, they would be in a better position to demand more money from WWE. The question now is that will the company pay more to TNA?

WWE rumors have earlier suggested that Vince McMahon is not a fan of the"Broken" Hardys gimmick and wanted to re-sign only Jeff before their new gimmick became widely popular, as reported by Sportskeeda. Jeff was seen as a potential opponent for Lesnar with the Universal Championship on the line. If TNA demands exorbitant money, there is a possibility that Vince may refuse it.

Jeff Hardy will get babyface push
[Image by WWE]

The Hardy Boyz invented the gimmick and made it popular with their continuous efforts when they were with Impact Wrestling. However, if the deal does not materialize, they may be unable to use the "Broken" gimmick ever, and fans will never see the Broken Hardys again. It has been speculated that WWE is also working on an alternative storyline for Jeff and Matt.

Notably, Jeff Hardy was the second best merchandise seller before his departure back in 2009. If the deal with TNA does not work out, Jeff will receive a massive babyface run and may even challenge Lesnar for the championship. This will lead to massive sales of the merchandise before the PPV event. Matt, on the other hand, might not receive such a big push.

What do you think TNA is planning to do with new trademarks? Will WWE Universe ever see the "Broken" Hardys? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

[Feturured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]