Michael C. Hall Beautifully Brings David Bowie Back In ‘Lazarus’ Musical

Michael C. Hall had urgent business overseas on the Election Day, according to Just Jared. The 45-year-old Dexter star was in the U.K. while Americans were casting their votes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hopefully, the Dexter star remembered to cast his vote before he left the country; otherwise, he may be like millions of other Americans now regretting their decision not to vote.

Last Tuesday, Michael C. Hall was all smiles while posing for photographers after his new play Lazarus held in London, U.K. The Dexter actor was joined by his wife Morgan Macgregor at the press night performance after-party for Lazarus.

Michael C. Hall looked handsome in a suit, while his wife looked the epitome of style in a white top with shoulder cut-outs and a long checkered skirt. The 45-year-old actor plays Thomas Newton in David Bowie and Enda Walsh’s Lazarus put together by Ivo van Hove.

The play starring Michael C. Hall features quite a few classic songs by Bowie, who died from liver cancer earlier this year. The musical also feature three of his new tracks: “No Plan,” “Killing A Little Time,” and “When I Met You.”

Lazarus comes at the time when people want to honor the late David Bowie for all of his achievements, according to Radio Times. And Michael C. Hall is onboard of the project to bring Bowie’s music back to life.

But then again, Bowie’s music never truly died. Ivo Van Hove’s new play, which was inspired by Bowie’s music, is just a way to revisit the late singer’s greatest songs and show the strange and ethereal side of his genius.

The play starring Michael C Hall keeps the audiences intrigued from the very first second. It’s the engaging performances and underlying context that make people crave to see what happens next.

Bowie and Enda Walsh co-wrote the script to the play starring Michael C. Hall in the main role. The script was adapted from the 1976 film titled The Man Who Fell To Earth. It was Bowie himself who played the role of the alien Thomas Jerome Newton in that film. But in the 2016 play, Michael C Hall fills Bowie’s shoes and takes it upon himself to portray the alien who crashed to Earth looking for a way to transport water back to his planet suffering from drought.

But Michael C Hall’s character fails to make it happen. Now the alien is stuck on earth and is all by himself, while his loved ones on his home planet are dying. The play shows Thomas in his New York apartment stranded on this planet. He doesn’t understand this planet and he doesn’t care about the buzz around television.

Michael C Hall’s character’s only salvation is the drinks cabinet. Up until he finds himself attracted to his living assistant, Elly, played by Cristin Milioti. The moral of the musical is pretty simple, and at the same time incomprehensible – not everything is meant to be understood.

Reworked Bowie songs also deserve praise. The songs vary beautifully in their tone and have a captivating effect on the audience. With this role, Michael C Hall proved that playing a serial killer in Dexter is not the only thing he can do in his acting career.

In fact, when singing, Michael C. Hall sounds eerily Bowie-esque at times, which is fascinating because Bowie had a truly unique and one-of-a-kind voice. Even though the audience came to see Michael C. Hall manifest his Dexter-esque nature here and there, the actor actually made them forget about his hit role.

The audience was witnessing a truly new Michael C. Hall: a Michael C. Hall they have never seen before. However, there is one slight problem that many fans have brought up regarding Lazarus, and that is that the songs at times seem to have no relation to the story whatsoever. Despite this drawback, fans are overwhelmingly supportive of the musical and of the Dexter actor’s role.

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