WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Faces Kevin Owens For The Universal Championship During ‘Roadblock’?

The WWE rumors about Roman Reigns gunning for a title match with Kevin Owens have long been circulating in the news sphere, but now, thanks to the announcement of the Roadblock event, it looks like it’s going to become more of a reality than ever before.

According to the latest WWE rumors by iTechPost, it seems as though this face-off is ripe for the happening. Even though Owens is doing a great job as the Universal Champion — his mic skills are on point, his frenemy Chris Jericho (or Jeri-KO, whatever you prefer) adds a layer of humor to the whole thing, and he is one of the main reasons why people tune in to Monday Night Raw — it’s something that has to happen for the sake of Roman Reigns’ career.

iTechPost spoke to a WWE insider, who told the outlet that the initial plan was to break up the Owens-Jericho friendship in order to stop Owens’ title reign. However, since that idea didn’t go over well with WWE creative, the next option was to have Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens battle it out for the belts. And, it is entirely possible that Roman Reigns will close out the year wearing two belts, which is nothing if not a historic moment.

Roman Reigns WWE Rumors Title Run
The latest WWE rumors suggest that Roman Reigns may close out the year with two title belts. [Image by WWE]

Of course, according to the latest WWE rumors put out by Metro, Roman Reigns can’t have it both ways: he can either be the U.S. Champion, or the Universal Champion. And since his fight against Kevin Owens is all but confirmed at this point, his days as the reigning U.S. Champion are numbered.

To that end then, Metro is suggesting that we will soon see Roman Reigns have a face-off against another wrestler to give up his U.S. Championship belt. However, it’s unclear as to which wrestler it will be, or even which wrestler is worthy of wearing the U.S. Champion belt. Metro is also suggesting that it is Roman Reigns’ preparations for the Kevin Owens fight that have caused him to be pulled from the current WWE European tour, and not another, perhaps more sinister, reason.

Roman Reigns Kevin Owens WWE Rumors
Will the latest WWE rumors about Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens prove true? [Image by WWE]

On the other hand, in talking about why Roman Reigns was pulled from the WWE European tour, the latest WWE rumors put out by Yahoo! suggest something entirely different: he has “family commitments” that he otherwise cannot get out of.

Dave Meltzer was the first to quell the WWE rumors mill about how Roman Reigns was pulled from the tour because of a Wellness Policy violation (even though it wouldn’t be the first time, and that was the first thing the Twitter-verse speculated about, Meltzer assured fans that “everything is fine, there’s nothing to worry about”), nor was he pulled from the tour because of any sort of controversy with the WWE.

This is certainly good news for Roman Reigns, no matter which way the title match goes. He’s been struggling to re-find his footing ever since he was suspended for a Wellness Policy violation, and though he still remains controversial — if only because some people prefer him as a heel rather than a face — it looks like the WWE finally found a good path for him. In addition, since Roman Reigns plans on staying with the company for a long time, this newfound title run can only mean good things. Still, whatever the “family commitment,” we hope all is well for the superstar and his family.

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