‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek: Farrah Abraham Calls Her Mom Debra A ‘Dumb B****’ [Video]

In a new Teen Mom OG sneak peek for this week’s episode, Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra Danielson get into yet another heated screaming match on-camera. In the new clip for the hit MTV reality TV series, Farrah and her mom rehash the details of the real reason behind Debra’s arrest on assault charges six years ago.

The mother and daughter duo have always bickered and fought on camera, but this argument is the most explosive one yet, Ok Magazine reported. In new Teen Mom OG sneak peek, Debra is visiting at her daughter Farrah’s home in Texas and they experienced a major breakdown in communication when their conversation about the way that they communicate with each other quickly escalated to a screaming match and ends with Farrah running away in tears.

The Teen Mom OG sneak peek opened with a shot of Farrah sitting down at her kitchen counter typing away on her laptop. Debra approached her daughter and told her that she didn’t want their conversation to turn into an argument or a fight.

“Well I honestly just feel like rolling my eyes when I hear it. I can’t even like continually hear it,” Farrah told her mother.

Debra asked Farrah what it was that made her want to roll her eyes and Farrah just mocked her mom, repeating her first sentence back to her. But her mom explained that they just has a different style of communicating, and Farrah told her mother that she should be able to just figure it out. But when Debra told Farrah that she was trying to communicate with her, that’s when Farrah’s explosive temper flared.

“You wanna know where my f**king frustration comes from right now and I’m so f**king annoyed?” Farrah said, cursing at her mom in the Teen Mom OG sneak peek.

Her mother calmly asked her why she was swearing at her and she told her daughter that she did not want to swear at each other.

“You know why I swear?” Farrah snapped back. “Because I’m f**king over this,” she said.

Farrah shouted and explained that she feels that between herself, her mother, and her father Michael Abraham, she’s the only one who is making an effort to improve their communication as a family and she also feels that she is the only one who is serious about taking steps towards that goal.

But her mom said she does take it seriously because she has undergone therapy sessions with Farrah. The mother-daughter duo have sought help from celebrity doctors like Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Jenn.

“Yeah, guess who pays for that?” Farrah interrupted during the Teen Mom OG sneak peek.

“Guess who gets you there? Other parents show up because they wanna f***ing be there and instead, I hear someone always saying ‘I don’t like Dean, I don’t like Dr. Jenn, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, f**k them.”

Farrah’s mom tried to tell her that she does like Dr. Drew, and she explained that sometimes doctors have their own problems that they are dealing with.

“You know what? I don’t give a f**k about their problems,” Farrah told Debra in the Teen mom OG sneak peek. She said that the doctors are paid to listen to her problems and help her figure out solutions.

Debra told Farrah that whatever happened in the past between them doesn’t matter because they can’t go back and change it. The only thing they can do is move forward and work on changing their relationship for the better.

“Guess what sweetheart? When you f**king hit me that day and you thought I wasn’t gonna call the f**king cops,” Farrah said, bringing up an incident that happened in 2010 when Farrah was still a teen. Farrah called the cops and had her mother arrested after her mother allegedly choked her and hit her during an argument, according to Us Weekly.

“I never hit you,” her mom said.

“Oh no dumb b****h, I hit myself,” Farrah said, raising her voice even louder.

“You’re calling me a liar about that, that f**king happened. I f**king care about you, and you f**king called me a liar and that’s why I’m f**king pissed. Get the f**k out of my house.”

After she kicked her mom out, Farrah walked away in tears.

Watch the full Teen Mom OG sneak peek below and be sure to catch the upcoming episode, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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