Margot Robbie On ‘Good Times All The Time’ With Cara Delevingne, And The ‘Terror’ Of Filming Kissing Scenes With Jared Leto

Margot Robbie has revealed that she becomes euphoric when embarking on adventures that take her out of her comfort zone. Glamour Magazine reports that the Australian actress experiences moments of ecstasy when skydiving and deep-sea diving; both exciting but very dangerous activities.

The Australian actress can actually feel the euphoric effect triggered by her brain when she dives underwater, immersing herself in the exotic world of sharks and other unusual marine creatures. The underwater experience makes the Wolf of Wall Street actress realize that she’s simply a tiny being in an infinite world.

Even though the vastness of the oceanic world excites her, Margot Robbie also appreciates those feel-good moments one has when having fun with close friends within the confines of an apartment. Recently, the popular actress attended Cara Delevingne’s birthday party, along with close friends. The party was held at model Suki Waterhouse’s house, and it continued right through the night.

According to Glamour Magazine, Robbie revealed that party guests were so thrilled by the event that no-one wanted to go back to their daily lives.

“The party was fun, but everyone’s favorite bit was when the sun’s coming up, and you’ve got your closest friends, and everyone knows they should go home, but no one wants to leave each other because it’s just good times all the time.”

Margot Robbie’s penchant for experiencing euphoria by indulging in exciting activities is well-known, and the Focus actress is much sought after by fashion houses whose products represent euphoric feelings. Recently, Calvin Klein chose the actress to become a brand ambassador for Deep Euphoria, a newly launched perfume targeted towards young, sophisticated, and elegant women. As a brand ambassador, Robbie featured in Calvin Klein’s video advertisement to promote the fragrance, and although she’s not a fashion model, Margot Robbie felt very comfortable during filming, which was directed by Francis Lawrence.

Another activity which brings joy to Margot Robbie’s heart is tattooing: so much so that she carried a tattoo gun during the filming of Suicide Squad, ready to ink her co-stars with bizarre tattoos. Cara Delevingne, who played Enchantress in Suicide Squad, turned out to an enthusiastic co-star and had tattoos inked on her toes.

Suicide Squad spoiler alert!

Even though Margot’s Harley Quinn kills Cara’s Enchantress during the final battle in Suicide Squad, the two actresses have developed a strong friendship in real life. Robbie has been a huge fan of the Paper Towns actress ever since they worked together in Suicide Squad. According to Times of India, Robbie commented that Cara is honest and trustworthy, and a real gem.

“She is the most genuine person you can ever meet, and there’s nothing calculated about that girl. She’s like a little comet just blasting her way through this world.”

Of all the actors she worked with in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie found working with Jared Leto particularly terrifying, because Jared used method-acting techniques to get into the skin of Joker, his character in Suicide Squad. In fact, Jared continued playing his character on the set, even when the camera wasn’t rolling.

Although she was frightened at the beginning, the actress got used to Jared’s acting techniques, and eventually the two complemented each other perfectly. Margot Robbie revealed that the only times she felt uncomfortable during the shooting was when she had to reapply makeup after filming passionate kissing scenes between her character and Jared’s Joker.

According to Vogue, the talented actress spoke of her experience while shooting the kissing scenes in Suicide Squad.

“It is so messy. I’ve done kissing scenes where I have lipstick on, and that’s a nightmare but to have two of you having the lipstick on, it’s terror.”

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