‘Bioshock Infinite’ Gets A Brand New Trailer [Video]

The new trailer for Bioshock Infinite has finally arrived. According to The Examiner, the game’s release date is right around the corner. As such, the promotional team behind the upcoming first-person action-adventure has dropped a brand new preview upon the masses.

Although the game isn’t a direct sequel to the Bioshock franchise, it’s considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the previous installments. Players assume the role of a Booker, a man hired to retrieve a missing woman from the floating city of Columbia. As evidenced by the trailer, it doesn’t take long for things to get interesting.

Bioshock Infinite developers Irrational Games asked their legion of followers on Facebook who they would like to see in the next trailer. After the votes were tabulated, it was determined that prospective players were interested to see more of the game’s hero. As a result, Booker DeWitt is front and center in the so-called “Beast of America” trailer.

When the game finally hits retail shelves, it will be available in two versions: the Premium Edition and the Ultimate Songbird Edition. The former comes with a keychain, a lithograph, a mini artbook, and a ton of cool stuff, while the latter features a nifty Songbird statue in addition to everything contained in the Premium Edition. If you’re a fan of the series, then springing for the Ultimate Songbird version sounds like a no-brainer.

In an effort to get their customers to pre-order the next entry in the Bioshock series, GameStop is handing out copies of BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution to those who reserve a copy prior to the release date. According to Joystiq, the Flash-based puzzle game was developed specifically for this promotion. The game will reportedly feature of 50 levels for players to tackle while they wait for Infinite to hit shelves on February 26.

The new trailer for Bioshock Infinite has been embedded below. Will you pick up a copy when it streets on February 26, 2013?