Judge Judy Earns $123,000 Per Day

Judges make good money, but Judge Judy makes an incredibly insane amount of cash. The famed TV judge is believed to be pulling down $123,000 per day.

If you do the math, Judge Judy is making approximately $45 million a year for dishing out her own version of justice to rednecks, crazy people, and all out strange court victims and their defendant counterparts.

The TV judge just turned 70 years old, and she is still going strong with her TV show, book deals, and other deals she has reached.

Having your show in syndication and other deals on the table doesn’t hurt, especially when you consider that the average American earns just $123 per day before taxes.

To put her earnings into perspective against other famed celebrities, soccer star David Beckham earns $109,589 per day while constantly working Robert Downey Jr. falls short of Judge Judy with $86,301 per day.

Judy’s show has become so popular that her always present bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd calls himself the “world’s richest bailiff.”

The judge earns her money while working only 50 days out of the year. In comparison, fellow TV personality Matt Lauer makes $21.5 million annually for two hours in the morning and David Letterman makes $28 million for doing an hour almost every weekday night.

Judge Judy has earned hundreds of millions over her career. Here are some of the judge’s earnings since 2005:

  • 2005 Earnings : $25 million
  • 2007 Earnings : $30 million
  • 2008 Earnings : $45 million
  • 2010 Earnings : $45 million

Are you surprised by the massive wealth Judge Judy has managed to rack up by sitting in a judge’s seat and yelling at people who don’t understand the law and often tell crazy cockamamy stories?

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