Bigfoot May Have Vandalized Pennsylvania Man’s RV

Bigfoot may have struck again. A Pennsylvania man claimed the recent damage to his recreational vehicle could have been caused by the legendary creature, ABC News reports. Although it’s currently unclear what motives Bigfoot may have had for vandalizing the poor guy’s RV, the monster’s unruly behavior may have something to do with the victim’s favorite pastime.

Sasquatch hunter John Reed was camping with his girlfriend when the creature allegedly walked past his RV. In order to prevent anyone from catching a glimpse of his nocturnal activities, Bigfoot reportedly threw rocks at the vehicle’s lights in order to remain in the shadows. By the time everything was said and done, the creature has broken the RV’s windows and taillights.

According to The Smoking Gun, Reed described the alleged Bigfoot as “very large, brown in color, and walks somewhat hunched over,” though he could not say for sure if the beast was actually hairy. Despite being unable to accurately describe the suspect, Reed is convinced the individual responsible for damaging his RV is the legendary Sasquatch.

“As soon as I did it, something stood up on her side of the truck. She seen the eyes glaring in the light of the truck, stood up and walked this way into the woods,” Reed explained. “Do I believe in Bigfoot? Yes I do. Have I had sightings of what I believe to be Big Foot? Yes.”

Of course, some people are a little skeptical about Reed’s supposed encounter with Bigfoot. Not too long ago, the self-proclaimed Sasquatch hunter started a Facebook page devoted to hunting down the creature. The RV, 1973 Dodge Winnebago, serves as his base of operations.

The Bigfoot theory isn’t shared by everyone. Local police believe the attack on John Reed’s recreational vehicle was nothing more than the work of vandals. The Sasquatch hunter, of course, believes his prey was sending him a message.