‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Episode 10 Spoilers: The Mind-Blowing Finale [Video]

American Horror Story Season 6 is about to wrap up with such an intense twist that fans of the show will likely never see it coming. Episode 10, which officially wraps up Season 6 of American Horror Story: Roanoke, will also feature the return of Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) from American Horror Story: Asylum.

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. If you caught the penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke last Wednesday, then you know very well that something is not quite right. There is something that is off from what the show told fans right up front, on a title card that said one would survive the Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell series. But didn’t Audrey survive, at least until the police shot her?

It is prudent for us to mention at this point that there are some major spoilers coming up for Episodes 9 and 10 of American Horror Story: Roanoke. For those who have not seen the previous episode or do not want key elements of the next episode spoiled for them, you should only proceed with that caution in mind.

For starters, on Episode 6 of American Horror Story, the aforementioned title card said that one survived the taping of Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. That has already been proven to be true. Lee Harris (Adina Porter) has made it out of the show alive, although she has not done so unscathed — or without getting possessed, according to TV Guide.

Fans last saw Lee on American Horror Story: Roanoke possessed, or at least mostly controlled by the witchy wood nymph that appeared to do the same thing to her that she did to the Butcher in previous episodes. But now, Lee is still alive and has killed several people on the show that were supposed to be her co-stars. She has also confessed to murdering her ex-husband, although she did that under duress thinking she was going to die and wanting her daughter to move on and forget about her parents.

American Horror Story fans also got to see that Sarah Paulson’s Audrey made it to the very end, that is until she was saved by the police who subsequently shot her when she tried to kill Lee, who turned out to be a murderer. The plot is so thick here that it is hard to distinguish motivations from pure evil. It is still unclear at this time if Lee was possessed, or if she was possessed but then it wore off. It is also altogether likely that she was possessed and still is possessed, just playing the victim.

One thing that is for sure about Episode 10 of American Horror Story: Roanoke is that Lee Harris has officially survived the entire ordeal and there is going to be a time jump to her going on trial for murder. It is not clear yet if the police ended up finding the tapes of her committing the murders or if they found the tape of her admitting to murdering her husband, which many fans believe she only did that to make sure her daughter moves on with her life.

But here is where the real mind blower might come in. It is also possible that everything that was shown on the second half of Season 6 for American Horror Story could have been staged and the people involved with the show may have been paid to make it all a dramatic horror show. If that turns out to be the case, then Lee Harris will be on trial for the murder of her ex-husband, not her co-stars.

In either event, fans of American Horror Story will, at the very least, get to see Lana Winters again, and Sarah Paulson will be pulling double-duty on the show for the second time in two years.

Watch the season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke next Wednesday on FX.

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