‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco Attacks Jason While Chasing Daphne Clues – Beaten Franco Left For Dead

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Daphne (Andre Savo) gave Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) the key to figure out some of the mystery surrounding his past on Cassadine Island. Just after Jason got the hand drawn map from Daphne, he was frustrated because no one would take him to the island but that's when Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) showed up with a boat and ready to go.

Cassadine Island Brings Out The Worst In People

Jason reluctantly took Franco's help with the boat to Cassadine Island on the Tuesday General Hospital, but things will go downhill from there. Jason remembers that he was chained to the wall after the two men find the mysterious shackles and Franco is very upset to learn that Jake Spencer (Hudson West) was terrified of Jason and saw him doing terrible things.
Then on Wednesday's GH, as Jason struggles to recover his lost memories, Franco decides to jog Stone Cold's brain in the worst way possible. If you haven't seen the recent General Hospital spoilers promo video, this is when it all goes bad for Franco and Jason on the island. Franco picks up a rock and hits Jason in the head to knock some memories loose. Jason, naturally, doesn't take it well and an all-out brawl ensues - you can see the video below.

Jason's Scarecrow Past Revealed

As twisted as Franco's plan was, General Hospital spoilers hint that it works. This comes from GH spoilers from Soaps She Knows that predict Franco takes "drastic action." Bashing a former hit man in the head with a rock when you're alone with him on a creepy island is definitely drastic. Plus, Jason is enraged that Franco decided to try and knock the amnesia out of his head. Jason attacks and the two beat each other brutally, but Franco is no fit rival for Jason.
It's not long before Jason gets the upper hand and beats Franco into submission say General Hospital spoilers. Jason knocks Franco into oblivion, and while the reformed serial killer is unconscious, Jason chains him to the rocks and leaves him on the island to rot. It looks like Jason heads back to Port Charles and steals Franco's boat to do so, but what happens to Franco?

Franco Abandoned in Greece

Daphne didn't give Jason a lot of information to go on, but he winds up pretty well informed and in no small part to the rock Franco crushed against his head. Jason won't see that Franco was trying to help him, otherwise he wouldn't leave him behind on that shady island, according to General Hospital spoilers. But don't lose hope yet – Franco may have been left to die, but that's not how it works out.

New General Hospital spoilers promise Franco gets loose of the mess that Jason left him in and makes his way back to Port Charles and into the arms of a very relieved Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Unfortunately, Franco's drastic action may have broken any chance at peace between Friz and JaSam since Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) will be stunned that Franco attacked Jason, no matter his intentions.

Jason Opens Up To Jake

Once back in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers promise that Jason sits down with his son Jake for a serious talk about what Jason remembered while on the island. Jason now knows for certain that he's the scarecrow Jake is scared of and that Jake saw him do terrible things. What Jason doesn't know is how to help his son get over the wounds of this scary and terrible shared past of theirs in Greece.
This is all leading up to the Nurse's Ball the week of May 22 when the Cassadine Island and Chimera mystery come to a head, and Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) returns. A new General Hospital spoilers promo showed Helena on the Cassadine Island set, but it's not clear if she's back to life or if she'll return for flashbacks related to Jason, Jake, and the Chimera mystery. That video is also below.

Jake Tied to Chimera Mystery – Is Jake a Fake?

General Hospital spoilers say we'll soon found out that Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) will confess to Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) that he sold the Chimera Project to Helena. The revelation is also coming, according to GH spoilers from Soap Opera Digest, that it's Alex Devane (also Finola Hughes) toying with Valentin, not Anna. This Chimera thing ties Anna, Valentin, Jason, Jake and more together.
Other General Hospital spoilers question whether Jake might be the result of the Chimera Project. This is about DNA and sick science, and long-time GH viewers know little Jake was at death's door when he was kidnapped by Helena. Some GH rumors hint Helena tinkered with Jake in her super-secret Cassadine Island lab. Maybe the real Jake died, and that kid is a Chimera that's been infected with dead Jake's DNA.

Are Jake And Charlotte Both Chimera?

There's also the question about Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) who has a birth certificate dated 1992 – back when Valentin sold the Chimera Project to Helena. Some General Hospital rumors speculate that Charlotte might also be the result of the Chimera Project since her origin story is shrouded in mystery. At this point, Jake, Charlotte, Jason, and Helena could all be Chimera.
General Hospital has shown us over the years that they will write the preposterous. We've had dozens of resurrections of the dead (aside from Jake), a diamond-powered weather machine that can freeze a city, vampires (look it up if you don't know about this one), Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) in drag as a butler, frozen and unfrozen people and, yes, even an alien named Casey that befriended Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough). With this in mind, anyone (or everyone) could be the Chimera in question.

Stay tuned to ABC to see the reveal of the Cassadine Island and Chimera mystery and everyone it involves from these General Hospital spoilers.

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