‘Supernatural’ Stars Leak Their Hitler Woes And Brothers At Odds

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural.

This season of Supernatural doesn’t really have Sam and Dean Winchester heading up a rag tag team of heroes and demons against a single, seemingly omnipotent threat, but instead, the brothers and friends find themselves facing a number of conflicts. While Lucifer certainly posed a unique threat, he has seemingly been sidelined, at least for the moment, and in his place the Supernatural protagonists are facing their usual monsters of the week, all while unwittingly being pitted against the British chapter of the Men of Letters. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles recently opened up on these various Supernatural story arcs, spilling just a few details to help their fans carry on until the next installment.

Supernatural Pits The Brothers Against Adolf Hitler

On its surface,”The One You’ve Been Waiting For,” this week’s episode of Supernatural, would seem to indicate there’s more time traveling in store for Dean and Sam Winchester, but, as the story unfolds, we discover it’s much worse than that. As Nerdist reveals of the newest Supernatural episode, it’s discovered that the soul of Adolf Hitler (yes, he apparently had one) has been trapped in a pocket watch and a group of Nazi necromancers are intent on using the haunted 1930s heirloom to resurrect the dead dictator.

While some might protest the very idea of using Adolf Hitler and the history of his Nazi Party in a Supernatural story arc, the series stars want to assure fans that the story will not glorify the one-time dictator of Germany.

“I think it’s very brave of the show and the network to stake out such a controversial position,” said Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on Supernatural. “It’s very much anti-Nazi.”

Jared Padalecki reinforced Collins’ thoughts on the matter, as he assured Supernatural fans that everyone connected with the series still hates Adolf Hitler. Padalecki suggests there will be no rewriting of history or making Hitler seem any less evil for the purposes of telling their story. Jared compares this Supernatural story to the general theme of Jurassic Park, in which dinosaurs were cloned from the DNA found in tree sap. In this case, it’s a portion of Adolf Hitler’s soul found in the pocket watch.

“And so obviously we don’t know how it’s going and so we have to kind of go back and track the Thule and figure out if, in fact, they have succeeded,” explains Supernatural‘s Padalecki. “Though Hitler’s vessel, thankfully, is gone … Hitler’s going to be in it. It’s fun to see the Supernatural take on what Hitler was really like behind the camera.”

Supernatural Is Still About Family

From the very beginning, Supernatural has always been about family and, more specifically, about how those in the Winchester family relate to one another. Until now, it has mostly been about Sam and Dean (speaking strictly of blood relatives), but, as the Supernatural stars revealed to Buddy TV, that all changed when Mary Winchester was returned from beyond. Now, Sam and Dean have to deal with their mother, and as Jensen Ackles points out, she’s also a stranger to them both. Even Dean (Ackles) was very young when Mary was killed, so the brothers only have their father’s version of events upon which to rely.

“Obviously the brothers are strangers to her as well, which is why you see this struggle to find their footing in the relationship because it is a forced situation,” says Supernatural’s Ackles.

Jared Padalecki adds that the idea behind this Supernatural story arc also involves a “what if” scenario, in which both Dean and Sam had spent so much time pondering what life might have been like if their mother had not been killed. The Supernatural actor suggests that building up that kind of fantasy ultimately leads to great disappointment in the reality of the situation.

The Supernatural stars couldn’t or wouldn’t reveal how this story arc will finally conclude, so there’s no telling if Mary will rejoin Sam and Dean. As women rarely last long on Supernatural, it might be suspected that Mary Winchester will soon meet a grisly end, but even that is mere speculation.

Jensen Ackles did suggest Supernatural would have fun with the family dynamic, before it’s over.

“It’s an awkward thing, which I think lends itself to good story,” said the Supernatural lead.

Supernatural airs Thursdays on the CW network.

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