‘Love & Hip Hop New York’: Yandy Smith Shares Touching Letter From Mendeecees Harris, Amid Rumors That He May Be Released From Prison Early

Yandy Smith is headed back for Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York in just a couple of weeks. Will Mendeecees Harris make it out of prison in time to make a cameo on the VH1 reality show too? According to the rumors, Mendeecees may be getting let out much earlier than originally anticipated. In the meantime, Yandy has shared a letter from her husband that proves just how strong their bond really is, even during the most difficult times.

On the day that Americans learned Donald Trump would be our next president, Yandy emailed Mendeecees to tell him how she is feeling. It’s unclear if Yandy’s feelings were brought about by the election, but judging by many of the reactions around the country, it’s safe to say that is what had her feeling “broken” and “defeated,” along with many others in the wake of the election news. It’s also possible that Yandy Smith learned that her husband wouldn’t be getting out of prison as early as previously, though.

Mendeecees Harris quickly responded to his wife’s email. In a screenshot shared on Instagram, the Love & Hip Hop New York star told Yandy the following.

“God will make a way for us..no worrying, we are too strong to give up. NEVER will I, so I’m not letting u, keep ur faith and everything will work out in our favor cause no one can stop god plans…we came this far. I love u and I’ll call u later!”

Yandy captioned the Instagram photo, saying, “Why I love Him” #mystrength #whenimnotstrongenough #heholdsmycrownforme #sheeeesh #builtstrong.”

It was previously reported by BET that Mendeecees has an interesting plan for how he would get released from prison early. Harris is currently behind bars on an eight-year sentence for drug trafficking. The LHHNY star was found guilty of helping to move large amounts of cocaine as part of a drug ring that moved drugs from New York City to Rochester, New York.

Mendeecees is trying to make a deal with the judge to reduce his sentence so that he can educate youth about the risks associated with drugs once he gets out. Mendeecees’ current sentence was already the result of a plea deal that he struck with prosecutors. Considering the magnitude of his crime, it seems far-fetched for a judge to lessen his sentence even more, but he seems pretty sure that it could happen.

Mendeecees turned himself in to begin his eight-year sentence back in January. He was sentenced to eight years and one month, but was given 15 months credit for time served. Given the time served, plus nearly 11 more months behind bars and Mendeecees still owes just under six years to his prison sentence. That means he’s really only served about a quarter of the total sentence so far. Would a judge really let him out after spending such a small amount of time in prison considering that the amount of drug trafficking he was convicted of amounted to nearly $2.5 million and totaled roughly seven years?

Prior to Mendeecees turning himself in, he and Yandy were married and the special day was featured on Love & Hip Hop New York. Part of the argument presented by Mendeecees’ lawyer to have him released early includes his cooperation before he was sentenced, the amount he already paid back, which included Mendeecees’ LHHNY paychecks, and payment for his appearances and his car. His lawyer argued that Mendeecees has small children waiting for him to return and has been a model prisoner and intends to be a model citizen when he gets out of prison. He also plans to continue speaking to groups about the dangers of drug dealing and he has a job waiting for him too.

That all sounds pretty good and surely Love & Hip Hop New York fans would love to see Menceedees Harris return to their screens. It’s no secret that Yandy Smith would like for her husband to come home soon too. Tell us if you would like to see Mendeecees granted an early prison release in the comments section below.

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