Andy Cohen On How Housewives Voted For Trump: Are Friendships Ruined After Election?

Andy Cohen has been very vocal on social media about his dislike for Donald Trump, especially in the weeks leading up to the election. He was shocked when Donald was elected president of the United States after winning the swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Cohen kept asking people to vote for Hillary Clinton because he wanted to see the first female president of the United States, but he also wanted a president who would support the LGBT community. So how did Andy react when he learned how some of the Real Housewives stars had voted for Trump, especially since he’s against everything Cohen stands for?

According to a new tweet, Andy Cohen is now revealing that this election hasn’t changed his friendships, even though some of the housewives voted for Trump — a man who many believe is aligned against the LGBT community. During election night, Amber Marchese and her husband, Jim, who were once on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, kept tweeting their excitement about Trump’s numbers, and viewers were wondering how Andy felt about this.

“It really isn’t any1’s business. R u vote shaming? We live in a country we are FREE to choose, thank God!” Amber Marchese revealed on Twitter, defending her decision to vote for Trump, as her husband had been advocating for Donald Trump for the past many months.

Viewers were curious about Andy’s opinion and tagged him in the tweet.

“Absolutely. I was attacked on twitter months ago! You think people would respect the whole process,” Siggy Flicker from The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrote back to Amber, supporting her stance that people should be able to vote for who they want.

Andy Cohen had something to add to the conversation.

“They can vote for whomever they want what do I care?” Andy Cohen added the conversation, answering a question from a fan who wondered how he felt about people voting for Trump.


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“Lol as if. It’s hysterical how pple ‘tattle’ to u. #bigpapa,” Amber replied to Andy, while Siggy added, “Hi Andy. How did u get into this convo? Didn’t know u were tagged in this. Sorry to bring u into this mess!”

Even though Andy Cohen doesn’t support Trump at all, it sounds like he can respect his fellow housewives stars for their decision to vote for the man who will now become the next president. Of course, some of these relationships are not close friendships. They are merely relationships that have been built because these ladies were on one of the shows, where Cohen hosts the reunion show. It’s merely a business relationship for some.

But it sounds like Cohen can’t even joke about Trump on his own show, Watch What Happens Live. It’s no secret that the election and politics, in general, divide people, and some people are truly upset about people joking about Donald. And when Andy made a joke on his show, he lost a viewer.

“I have lost all respect for you, your show, and your viewers! What a flipping immature joke!!! Hope ratings fall!” one Watch What Happens Live viewer wrote to Andy Cohen after a Trump comment was made on the show.

“What was the joke?” Andy asked.

“The immature attitudes and disrespect of the selection for the Oval Office,” the viewer replied, to which Andy Cohen replied, “we had fun. We said nothing bad about Trump calm down.”

What do you think of Andy Cohen respecting people’s decision to vote for a man, who doesn’t support the community that Cohen is a big part of?

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