Ben Robinson And Captain Lee Rosbach Get Into Twitter Feud As Ben Confirms Relationship With Emily Warburton-Adams

Well, it seems that Below Deck stars Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams are officially a couple. On Wednesday night, as the latest episode aired, Ben finally confirmed that he and Emily are dating.

When someone tweeted to Ben and Emily that she loves them together and hopes that a relationship happens, Ben replied that it’s happening. He added that he asked her to be his girlfriend very recently and she accepted. Ben not only publicly confirmed the relationship but also sent the tweet directly to Bravo, the show’s production company, the show’s official Twitter handle, and Andy Cohen, making it pretty clear that he wants everyone to know and the news to spread.

When a viewer asked Ben how long he and Emily have been dating, Ben revealed that they’ve been dating since filming for the show ended. He also declared that Emily is the best thing that has come out of doing the show for him, showing just how happy he is with Emily.

In fact, Ben’s in love. When another viewer tweeted that she loves Emily, Ben replied that he does too.

On her Twitter page, Emily re-tweeted Ben’s tweet in which he confirmed the relationship. She also praised Ben’s butt, which he showed in the latest episode.

Not all of Ben’s tweets from Wednesday night were happy. He actually got into a bit of a Twitter argument with Captain Lee Rosbach. The argument started when Captain Lee, who live-tweets the episodes, criticized Ben for showing his bare bottom to everyone. As viewers saw, at one point after having a little too much to drink, Ben strolled down the dock not wearing any pants or underwear. Ben admitted that he was a bit drunk when he showed his butt.

Captain Lee first tweeted that Ben showing his butt must be some part of his British class that’s coming out.

Ben replied that he finds male nudity hysterical.

When Captain Lee Rosbach replied that while Ben Robinson might find a lot of things amusing, but everything has a time and place, Ben lashed out at Captain Lee for “degrad[ing]” his relationship with Emily Warburton-Adams on Watch What Happens Live. Ben made it clear that he doesn’t find what Captain Lee said about his relationship very funny. Ben also apparently thinks it’s ridiculous that Captain Lee keeps saying he would’ve fired him, pointing out that they’re not even working on the yacht together right now. On both Captain Lee’s latest and previous blogs, he said that he would have fired Ben.

Captain Lee shot back that Ben was being sensitive. Captain Lee also indicated that he really would have fired Ben if he saw what was happening at the time they were filming.

Ben told Captain Lee that his actions were threatening.

At this point, Kate Chastain piped in to defend Captain Lee. She told Ben that no one is threatening anyone.

Captain Lee continued to defend himself by telling Ben to put his big boy pants on.

Ben told Captain Lee that he offended him. Yet Ben also told Captain Lee that he has nothing but love for him and his future. Ben also pointedly added that he does have his big pants on.

At that, the Twitter argument finally seemed to have ended.

What did Captain Lee say about Ben and Emily’s relationship on Watch What Happens Live last week? Kate Chastain appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show alongside Captain Lee last Wednesday. During the after-show portion, Andy asked Kate about Ben and Emily. Kate confirmed that they were dating. Captain Lee actually didn’t say anything but did clear his throat right when Kate said that Ben and Emily were spending time together. “I was just clearing my throat,” Captain Lee said when some people in the audience, apparently thinking that there was another meaning behind his action, laughed.

So what has Ben so offended? He may have been referring to the interview that Captain Lee did with Kate right prior to their Watch What Happens Live appearance. During their interview for Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Captain Lee said that he doesn’t believe Ben and Emily would last.

“I think she may have the best opportunity, but do I think it’s gonna happen? Oh, hell no. A relationship takes give and take, and with Ben I only see take; I don’t see any give.”

It seems that Kate’s confirmation last week of Ben and Emily’s relationship gave them the push to finally go public with their relationship. When Kate told Andy that Ben and Emily were together, Andy replied, “Wow, couldn’t confirm that earlier!”

As the Inquisitr reported, just last week, as Kate Chastain and Captain Lee Rosbach were preparing to appear on Watch What Happens Live, Ben and Emily did a Facebook live video in which they said that they couldn’t reveal whether they were dating or not. Two weeks prior to that, they denied that they were dating.

Emily Warburton-Adams and Ben Robinson actually watched the latest Below Deck episode together, along with a few cast members from the first season of the spin-off Below Deck Mediterranean. Emily posted a photo of the viewing party they attended on Wednesday night.

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