‘Big Brother: Over The Top’ Spoilers: ‘BBOTT’ Pulls An All-Nighter As Controversy Leads To Second HOH Competition Thursday Night

It was a crazy night in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, as the double eviction episode, highly anticipated by both fans and houseguests, resulted in unexpected outcomes, as the live stream documenting the event lasted around nine long hours.

After a special guest showed up to host the first Head of Household (HOH) challenge, much of the time was made up of live feeds showing cast members waiting to find out who was victorious in the final HOH competition of the night. This eventually led Big Brother: Over the Top production to come to a controversial decision and determine two houseguests will duke it out Thursday night in a second HOH challenge.

The evening began with Alex Willett being evicted from the Big Brother: Over the Top house. Although they expected her departure, Alex’s sister, Morgan Willett, was in tears, as was her fellow Ball Smashers alliance member, Shelby Stockton.

It should be noted that Alex and Morgan did not reveal to any of the houseguests they were siblings until Monday when they finally told Shelby about their relationship.

Following Alex’s eviction, the Big Brother: Over the Top doorbell rang and famed Big Brother cast member Rachel Reilly entered the BBOTT house to host the next HOH competition, reports Big Brother Network. Everyone headed to the backyard, where Rachel quizzed the houseguests on video they had studied earlier featuring the Big Brother Shopping Network involving a series of items used throughout the season in competitions.

A four-way tie arose in the true/false quiz between Danielle Lickey, Whitney Hogg, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Morgan, as Justin Duncan was disqualified after missing one question. A tie-breaker question resulted in Danielle winning the HOH.

Prior to Danielle holding her Safety Ceremony and choosing who she would nominate for eviction, houseguests were given a one-hour break, allowing viewers to vote for which player would receive America’s Care Package. The advantage this week was the Power of Veto (POV), which would keep the recipient safe.


Houseguests were eventually called to the backyard, where Morgan learned she had been deemed worthy of the care package by America. Not only did the advantage keep her safe, but according to the instructions in her package, she could use the POV to save another houseguest as well. This also meant there would be no POV challenge for this particular eviction.

Danielle and her alliance, the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ), were dejected by this revelation, as they realized that one of their own would be going home, and Danielle would have no choice but to nominate two cast mates from the LNJ. The logic behind this was that if Danielle placed Shelby on the block, Morgan would save her and Danielle would be forced to replace her with one of LNJ alliance members anyway.

Thus, after discussions with the LNJ and many tears shed, Danielle nominated Whitney and Justin for eviction. Whitney was evicted, and not long after, houseguests began to prepare for the next HOH competition.

As the houseguests sat in the Big Brother: Over the Top living room, Danielle entered and asked them to pull tokens from a bag, which indicated the order they would be playing the HOH and which room they would be waiting in before and after their turn at the challenge.

At around 11 p.m. Big Brother: Over the Top house time, the competition began, and Jason Roy was the first cast member to attack it. The challenge involved a puzzle with mirrors and a laser that needed to be manipulated to finally point at a target. There was a 20-minute time limit for the somewhat complicated competition.

Jason figured out the complex puzzle quite quickly at 8:14; Morgan was next, but she had some trouble and finished at 12:49; Kryssie was next and was frustrated with the task, but she finished the competition before the time limit at 15:05; and Shelby followed her with somewhat strange results.

During Shelby’s turn at the puzzle, which she was completing rapidly, one of the mirrors used to point the laser beam broke, so at about 7:23 into the challenge, the live feed dropped. When the feeds returned only a minute or so later, Shelby completed the task.

It was clear something was going on behind the scenes, as Justin was slated to take a stab at the challenge right after Shelby, but several hours passed before he was seen taking part in the competition at around 3:30 a.m. Justin failed to figure out the puzzle and was disqualified because he went over the 20-minute mark.

Another 30 to 45 minutes passed before sleepy houseguests were called to the living room, where Danielle read from a card that listed the houseguests’ final times for the competition. Danielle revealed Shelby’s performance last, reading that at the time of 7:23, she experienced technical difficulties due to the mirror braking, thus her exact time could not be calculated.

As the other houseguests looked on in dismay, Danielle continued reading the production message that informed them that Shelby and Jason, who had the best time of the night, must compete against one another Thursday night to determine who will be HOH.

The houseguests dispersed and headed to bed, but it was evident Shelby was angry with this outcome. When alone with Morgan, at about 5:47 a.m., Shelby revealed that her mirror was broken the entire time, according to Joker’s Updates. Shelby continued, saying she was “using the demo mirror the whole time… the whole time I had this one that like wouldn’t stay vertically… And they said they were going to take it off but then I think they realized the whole time I was with this one mirror.”

As one can imagine, some fans are outraged about the second BBOTT HOH having to be played believing Jason was the clear winner, and they have expressed their feelings on Twitter.

At press, the time of this special second HOH competition had yet to be determined. Furthermore, there will be no voting, which typically takes place on Thursday, or Friday delivery of another America’s Care Package this week.

Big Brother: Over the Top streams 24 hours a day, seven days a week on CBS All Access, with CBS promising no blackouts, even during competitions. Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, the show streams a Weekday Replay of house events, however, the show’s regular schedule is as follows (it should be noted all times shown are Eastern).


10 p.m. – Final Weekly Safety Ceremony and Nomination Reveal


4 p.m. – Power of Veto Competition


4 p.m. – Power of Veto Meeting

10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


10 p.m. – Weekly Full Episode

11 p.m. – Live Eviction

12 a.m. – Head of Household (HOH) Competition


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10:30 p.m. – Live Diary Room Sessions


4 p.m. – Weekly Have Not Reveal

10 p.m. – Safety Ceremony

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