Teresa Giudice Celebrates Donald Trump’s Victory: Joe Giudice Deportation Happening Now?

Teresa Giudice personally knows the new president of the United States, as she filmed Celebrity Apprentice with him a few years ago. It sounds like Donald Trump appreciated and respected Teresa, but he hasn’t said anything about her legal problems. And Giudice didn’t really pick up on the fact that Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants once he was elected. For some reason, Teresa didn’t put two and two together. While Joe Giudice isn’t an illegal immigrant, he is an immigrant with a criminal record now, which could be at risk for deportation. And Teresa may still have voted for Trump.

According to a new tweet, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is now celebrating the country’s new president and it sounds like she doesn’t mind that he could be the reason why Joe Giudice will find himself back in Italy once he has served his time. But some of her followers were quick to point out that Teresa may have made a mistake if she voted for him.

“Congratulations Donald Trump on your victory, I am praying that you do a good job and help all Americans live a better & safer life,” Teresa Giudice revealed on Twitter as the presidential election results started surfacing earlier this week when America chose their next president.

“You do realize he wants to send immigrants back to their countries. That could be a problem for your husband,” one person commented, sharing the perspective that Donald Trump wanted to deport immigrants and second-class citizens with criminal records.

“Teresa’s husband was not born in the US and has not become a citizen, that’s why Donna post that. I love Teresa & her family, I worry that he’s going after illegal immigrants and Joe is one,” another person added, to which Teresa Giudice simply replied in a separate tweet, “He’s going to be the President, should we be rooting for him NOT to succeed?”


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Many of the New Jersey housewives actually voted for Trump based on their tweets, so Teresa Giudice just followed the majority. Maybe she really wants political change and she didn’t want to see Hillary in the forefront of the country come January. But it is interesting that she voted for a man, who has been so vocal about deporting some immigrants when deportation is a possible thing in her husband’s case.

Of course, Teresa Giudice has plenty of time to work out the details of her husband’s case. If Trump doesn’t do an impressive job, he could be booted in four years. Joe comes out in about three years, which means he could be dealing with some legal restrictions after his release, such as probation.

Plus, the legal system doesn’t move very fast, so Joe could be spared. And this is something that Teresa is truly hoping for. Andy Cohen will ask her about the deportation on Sunday during The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion special and she will break down during their conversation. This is clearly something that is still very emotional for her.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s tweet, where she’s celebrating Donald Trump’s victory earlier this week? Do you think Teresa voted for her friend and didn’t think about the consequences or do you think Joe Giudice is safe to stay in the country under Trump’s leadership?

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